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Table of Contents

Chapter: Working with Projects

Create a New JIRA Project

03m 31s

Create a New Issue in JIRA

03m 7s

Understand the Project Browser

03m 4s

Add Project Components and Versions

03m 15s

Import Issues into JIRA

04m 24s

Chapter: Working with Issues

Understand Issue in JIRA

04m 2s

Operate and Work with Issues

05m 50s

Use Subtasks to Better Manage and Structure Your Issues

03m 4s

Link Issues to Other Resources

03m 8s

Create and Manage Issue Types

03m 15s

Chapter: Working with Screens and Fields

Manage and Configure Screens in JIRA

03m 2s

Create New Screens

03m 52s

Create New Custom Fields

02m 53s

Controlling Field Behaviors

03m 6s

Apply Field Configuration to Specific Issue Types and Projects

04m 15s

Chapter: Workflows

Create New Workflow Steps and Transitions

05m 36s

Add the Workflow Conditions

03m 37s

Add the Workflow Validators

02m 22s

Add Workflow Post Functions

02m 42s

Apply Multiple Workflows to One Project

04m 30s

Chapter: Security and Permissions

Manage the User and Group Membership

04m 23s

Control Access to JIRA with Global Permissions

03m 26s

Control Project and Issue Operation Access with Permission Scheme

05m 16s

Restrict Access to an Issue with Issue Security Scheme

04m 10s

Connect JIRA to LDAP

04m 1s

Chapter: Notifications

Enable JIRA to Send Outgoing e-mail Notifications

04m 4s

Manage Notification Recipients for Updates in JIRA

03m 46s

Create Custom Events and e-mail Templates

04m 47s

Create a mail handler to create issues/comments in JIRA from e-mails

04m 44s

Chapter: Searching and Reporting

Search for Issues in JIRA in the Basic Search Mode

03m 37s

Search for Issues in JIRA in the Advanced Search Mode

03m 50s

Search for Your Searches as Filters

02m 18s

Create Your Own Dashboard

02m 46s

Chapter: Advanced Features

Extend JIRA with Custom Add-ons

03m 40s

Integrate JIRA with Other Atlassian Applications

03m 31s

Navigate between JIRA and Other Applications

02m 32s

Use JIRA As a Feedback Collecting System

03m 10s