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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

00.00 Introduction

00m 53s

Chapter: Setup and Management

01.18 Installing the Raspberry Pi Camera Module

04m 17s

Chapter: Software

04.09 Raspberry Pi Radio Transmitter

03m 19s

04.11 Internet Radio

03m 22s

Chapter: GPIO Basics

08.01 Finding your way around the GPIO connector

04m 0s

08.04 Setting up I2C

02m 31s

08.05 Using I2C Tools

02m 57s

08.06 Setting up SPI

04m 13s

08.07 Freeing the Serial Port

01m 50s

08.10 Using a breadboard with jumper leads

03m 16s

08.16 Getting Started with a PiFace Digital Interface Board

07m 6s

08.18 Getting Started with a RaspiRobot Board

05m 55s

Chapter: Controlling Hardware

09.01 Connecting an LED

06m 18s

09.02 Controlling the brightness of an LED

05m 40s

09.03 Making a Buzzing Sound

05m 43s

09.04 Switching a High Power DC Device Using a Transistor

05m 9s

09.06 Controlling High Voltage AC Devices

01m 33s

09.07 Making a User Interface to Turn Things On and Off

04m 50s

09.08 Making a User Interface to Control PWM Power for LEDs and Motors

03m 47s

09.09 Changing the color of an RGB LED

07m 7s

09.10 Using lots of LEDs (Charlieplexing)

07m 16s

09.11 Using an Analog Meter as a Display

02m 23s

09.12 Programming with Interrupts

04m 21s

09.13 Controlling GPIO Outputs Using a Web Interface

11m 32s

Chapter: Motors

10.01 Controlling Servo Motors

07m 33s

10.02 Controlling a Large Number of Servo Motors

07m 8s

10.04 Controlling the Direction of a DC Motor

07m 13s

10.05 Using a Uni-Polar Stepper Motor

07m 42s

10.06 Using a Bi-Polar Stepper Motor

11m 11s

10.07 Using a RaspiRobot Board to Drive a Bi-Polar Stepper Motor

03m 1s

10.08 Building a Simple Robot Rover

07m 29s

Chapter: Digital Inputs

11.01 Connecting a Push Switch

05m 40s

11.02 Toggling with a Push Switch

06m 13s

11.03 Using a Two-Position Toggle or Slide Switch

02m 19s

11.05 De-bouncing a button press

02m 48s

11.07 Using a Rotary (Quadrature) Encoder

05m 46s

11.08 Using a Keypad

03m 40s

11.09 Detecting Movement

02m 43s

11.10 Adding GPS to the Raspberry Pi

06m 55s

11.13 Using a Real Time Clock Module

06m 18s

Chapter: Sensors

12.01 Using Resistive Sensors

04m 35s

12.02 Measuring Light

04m 8s

12.03 Detecting Methane

04m 56s

12.04 Measuring a Voltage

08m 14s

12.05 Reducing Voltages for Measurement

04m 43s

12.06 Using Resistive Sensors with an ADC

02m 29s

12.07 Measuring Temperature with an ADC

04m 18s

12.08 Measuring Acceleration

04m 15s

12.09 Measuring Temperature Using a Digital Sensor

06m 29s

12.10 Measuring Distance

08m 11s

12.11 Displaying Sensor Values

03m 53s

Chapter: Displays

13.01 Using a 4-Digit LED Display

04m 44s

13.02 Displaying Messages on an I2C LED Matrix

04m 31s

13.03 Using Pi-Lite

04m 51s

13.04 Displaying Messages on an Alphanumeric LCD

08m 51s

Chapter: Arduino and Raspberry Pi

14.01 Programming an Arduino from Raspberry Pi

08m 52s

14.02 Communicating with the Arduino Using the Serial Monitor

03m 20s

14.03 Setting up PyFirmata to Control an Arduino from a Raspberry Pi

06m 29s

14.04 Writing Digital Outputs on an Arduino from a Raspberry Pi

04m 52s

14.05 Using PyFirmata with TTL Serial

06m 12s

14.06 Reading Arduino digital inputs using PyFirmata

05m 13s

14.07 Reading Arduino analog inputs using PyFirmata

05m 52s

14.08 Analog Outputs (PWM) with PyFirmata

04m 4s

14.09 Controlling a Servo using PyFirmata

04m 7s

14.12 Using Small Arduinos with a Raspberry Pi

03m 0s

14.13 Getting Started with an aLaMode Board and a Raspberry Pi

05m 46s

14.14 Using an Arduino Shield with an aLaMode Board and a Raspberry Pi

02m 5s