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Table of Contents

Chapter: Lab Preparation

Developing a Network Environment

02m 17s

How to Install Oracle VirtualBox

03m 2s

How to Install VMware Player

03m 6s

How to Install Kali Linux

03m 52s

Increasing Network Attack Surface

03m 51s

Chapter: Information Gathering and Reconnaissance

Passive Reconnaissance

04m 11s

Google Hacking

04m 25s

Subdomain Enumeration with Google Hacking

03m 40s

Reconnaissance Tools (Dmitry & Goofile)

03m 12s

Network Enumeration with Maltego

03m 31s

Chapter: Target Discovery

Layer 2 Discovery

03m 42s

Layer 3 Discovery

05m 22s

Host Discovery with nmap

04m 36s

Network Discovery with Scapy

04m 30s

Fingerprinting Operating Systems

02m 55s

Chapter: Scanning and Enumeration

Scanning with nmap

03m 22s

Scanning with Zenmap

04m 32s

Nmap Scripting

04m 53s

Zombie Scanning

03m 35s

Service Identification

04m 2s

Chapter: Vulnerability Mapping

Metasploit Auxilliary Scans

03m 13s

Installing Nessus

04m 40s

Nessus Scanning

04m 3s

Nessus Policies

03m 40s

Nessus Result Analysis

03m 55s

Chapter: Exploitation with Metasploit

Metasploit Framework

04m 45s

Meterpreter Basics

04m 14s

Meterpreter - Advanced Exploitation

03m 45s

Installing Metasploit Pro

02m 7s

Exploitation with Metasploit Pro

04m 55s

Chapter: Hands on Exploitation

Exploit Database

05m 29s

Social Engineering Toolkit - Credential Harvester

05m 11s

Burp Suite Intruder

05m 22s

Web Application Exploitation

06m 1s

Maintaining Access

05m 25s

Chapter: Privilege Escalation


04m 11s

Hash Identifier / Find-My-Hash

03m 39s


03m 58s

John the Ripper

04m 11s

Johnny / xHydra

04m 10s