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Table of Contents

Chapter: Standalone versus Domain Mode

Running in Standalone Mode

01m 32s

Running in Domain Mode

03m 59s

Deploying an Application in Standalone Mode

03m 34s

Deploying an Application in Domain Mode

03m 26s

Sharing a Configuration in Domain Mode

03m 39s

Chapter: Adding and Configuring Databases and Message Queues and Using Them from Your Application

Setting up a Database in JBoss Using the Console

02m 17s

Adding a Datasource Using the Command Line Interface (CLI)

02m 0s

Adding an XADatasource Using the Configuration File

02m 37s

Connecting to a Database

04m 26s

Configuring Database Pooling

01m 50s

Adding a Messaging Queue Using the Management Console

01m 25s

Connecting to Messaging Queues

06m 29s

Chapter: Configuring the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Selecting a Garbage Collection Strategy

04m 43s

Gathering Java Virtual Machine Diagnostics

02m 13s

How and When to Capture a Java Thread Dump

04m 11s

How to Analyze Garbage Collection Logging

02m 30s

Analyzing Java Thread Dumps

03m 1s

Analyzing a Java Heap Dump

06m 42s

Chapter: Clustering and Load Balancing for Web Applications

Clustering in Standalone Mode

03m 26s

Cluster in Domain Mode

05m 17s

Set Up mod_cluster on JBoss to Connect to the Load Balancer

03m 14s

JBoss Messaging in a Cluster

04m 14s

Chapter: Classloading with JBoss Modules

Introduction to JBoss Modules for Classloading

03m 20s

Implicit Module Dependencies

02m 31s

Including and Excluding Dependencies Using Metadata

02m 28s

Classloading in an EAR File

05m 8s

Chapter: Deploying Applications

Improve Performance with Asynchronous Servlets

04m 56s

Encrypt Client-to-Server communication with Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

04m 9s

Use the Java Authentication and Authorization Service in JBoss (JAAS)

03m 30s

Securing Passwords in JBoss

03m 1s

Chapter: Building and Testing Application with Maven and JBoss Tools

Installing the JBoss Tools plugin for Eclipse

00m 42s

Build and Deploy an Application to JBoss Using Maven

02m 53s

Deploying Using JBoss Tools

01m 43s

Running a Test suite in Arquillian

02m 3s

Anatomy of an Arquillian Test Case

01m 30s

Chapter: Configuring the Application Server Logging

Setting the Logging Verbosity for the Entire Server

04m 33s

Setting the Logging Verbosity for Parts of the Server or Application

02m 37s

Improving the Logging Performance using the Async Handler

02m 34s

Rolling the Server.log File by Size

01m 54s

Use Logging Configuration in Your application

02m 12s