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Table of Contents

Chapter: The ODI Core Concepts

Key ODI Concepts

02m 53s

Differentiating between ETL and ELT

01m 42s

Exploring the Graphical UI

04m 38s

ODI Basics

08m 0s

Defining Your Strategy

02m 53s

The ODI Staging Area

04m 9s

Chapter: Developing in ODI - the Core Objects

Organizing Your Project

03m 7s

Creating an Interface

10m 29s

Using Joins, Data Sets, Filters, and Sequences

04m 50s

Using Temporary Interfaces and Lookups

03m 22s

Chapter: Your Data Transformation Strategy - Knowledge Modules

Adapting Knowledge Modules to Your Needs

05m 34s

Executing Data Transformation in an ODI Interface

03m 7s

Executing a Mapping on Your Source

02m 25s

Chapter: Workflows in ODI

Creating a Workflow in ODI

07m 18s

Reusable Workflows: Procedures

03m 53s

User Functions as Useful Functions

03m 32s

Customize Development Objects in ODI

04m 25s

Chapter: Data Quality and Delta Detection

Oracle Data Quality Products

05m 15s

Using Data Integrity Controls and Integrating Data Quality in ODI

02m 28s

Running EDQ

02m 54s

Delta Detection via CDC

04m 31s

Chapter: Version Management and Deployment

Version Management

03m 34s

Scenarios: Smallest Deployment Units

04m 2s


02m 36s

Export and Import

02m 54s

Chapter: Operating and Maintenance


05m 11s

ODI Repository Tables

03m 11s


04m 29s

Chapter: Additional Supporting Functions

How to Automate ODI Object Creation

04m 29s

Impact and Data Lineaging

03m 3s

ODI Studio Enhancements

03m 39s