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Chapter: Getting Started with jQuery UI

Getting Started with jQuery UI

01m 5s

An Overview of jQuery

05m 7s

An Overview of jQuery UI

04m 56s

Working with jQuery Locally or through a CDN

04m 10s

Choosing Our Delivery Options in jQuery UI

03m 19s

Creating Our First Page Using jQuery UI Widgets

05m 0s

What Tools Am I Using?

01m 28s

Chapter: Working with the CSS Framework

All about CSS

01m 17s

Adding Our Second Widget

04m 11s

Switching Styles in jQuery UI

02m 59s

The Library Minification Functionality

04m 27s

Optimizing Your Project

02m 54s

Themes - Under the Hood

03m 57s

Creating Your Own Themes Using ThemeRoller

02m 13s

Chapter: Working with Widgets

Setting up Expectations Chapter 3

01m 21s

Creating a Dialog Widget

06m 17s

Options, Methods, and Events

02m 44s

Working with Widget Options

04m 48s

Changing a Dialog's Title

02m 10s

Discovering the Widget's Methods

05m 32s

Adding Interactivity with Callbacks

05m 4s

Chapter: Adding Interaction

Setting up Expectations Chapter 4

00m 58s

Integrating Events into Widgets

04m 41s

Updating the Site When a Widget is Dropped

02m 33s

Being More Efficient with Events

04m 33s

Digging into Event Properties: the ui Property

02m 16s

Exploring the Event Object

04m 39s

Cleaning up Our Project

01m 44s

Chapter: More about Widgets

Setting up Expectations Chapter 5

01m 12s

jQuery UI Tooltip

03m 0s

jQuery UI Spinner

03m 7s

jQuery UI Menu

03m 30s

jQuery UI Slider

08m 15s

jQuery UI Accordion

03m 20s

jQuery UI Tabs

04m 49s

Chapter: Course Recap

Course Recap

01m 53s