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Table of Contents

Chapter: Exploring Cassandra

Apache Cassandra Overview

03m 45s

Features and Benefits

04m 58s

When Not to Use Cassandra

02m 41s

Other Similar NoSQL Databases

04m 48s

Differences from Relational Databases

04m 29s

Chapter: Basic Theory and Mechanism

Understanding the CAP Theorem and Eventual Consistency

03m 32s

Creating the Data Model

03m 23s

Write and Read Paths

03m 50s

Understanding the Cluster Architecture

03m 51s

Detecting Seed, Gossip, and Failure

03m 16s

Chapter: Prerequisites and Preinstallation Preparation

Preinstallation Planning

03m 37s

Single Node Preparation

03m 53s

Building from the Source Tarball

03m 28s

Installing and Configuring Cassandra

04m 36s

Building a Cluster of Multiple Nodes

04m 9s

Chapter: Monitoring Cassandra

Logging and Log Rotation

03m 28s

The CLI Monitoring Tool -- nodetool

04m 27s

The GUI Monitoring Tool -- JConsole

05m 0s

Garbage Collection

03m 53s

System-Level Monitoring

04m 30s

Chapter: Data Migration and Indexing

Loading Bulk Data

04m 51s

JSON Format Import and Export

04m 3s

Using the CQL Command -- COPY

03m 42s

Using Primary Indexes

05m 1s

Using Secondary Indexes

04m 54s

Chapter: Backup and Restore

Understanding Backup and Recovery Concepts

03m 31s

Taking a Snapshot

04m 50s

Incremental Backup

04m 29s

Using the Commitlog Feature

03m 33s

Using Restore Methods

03m 56s

Chapter: Performance Tuning

Storage Strategies and OS Tuning

05m 38s

JVM Tuning

04m 44s

Caching Strategies

05m 11s

Compaction and Compression

06m 12s

Stress Testing

04m 54s

Chapter: Conclusion

Repairing Nodes

05m 40s

Scaling In and Out

05m 32s

Supplement 1 -- Cloning Virtual Machine

04m 43s

Supplement 2 -- Installing and Configuring ClusterSSH

04m 2s

Closing Comments

02m 27s