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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Apache Maven

Installing Apache Maven on Windows

02m 52s

Installing Apache Maven on Mac OS X

03m 48s

Installing Apache Maven on Linux

02m 9s

Integrating Maven with Eclipse

02m 37s

Integrating Maven with NetBeans

01m 36s

Integrating Maven with IntelliJ IDEA

01m 36s

Chapter: Sample Maven Application

Creating a Sample Application with Maven

08m 27s

Unit Testing with Maven

04m 39s

Maven Core Concepts

14m 20s

Chapter: Maven Web Application

Developing Web Applications with Maven

10m 12s

Maven Dependency Management

13m 25s

Struts2 Integration with Maven

08m 1s

Hibernate Integration with Maven

05m 40s

Spring Integration with Maven

06m 39s

Chapter: Maven Multi module Project

Developing Multi Module Applications with Maven

11m 35s

Implementing Web Service Module

06m 59s

Implementing Web Service Client Module

03m 12s

Implementing the Web Application Module

09m 59s