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Table of Contents

Chapter: The Report Wizard

Data Sources

03m 23s

Report Queries

02m 19s

Tabular Report Types and Their Configuration

03m 47s

Matrix Report Types and Their Configuration

03m 28s

Deployment Location and Completing the Wizard

03m 15s

Chapter: Creating a Tabular Report

Formatting Column Headers

03m 17s

Interactive Sorting

02m 35s

Adding Calculated Fields and Using Expressions

02m 49s

Formatting Cells

03m 18s

Viewing the Report on the Report Server

03m 26s

Formatting the Report for Printing

01m 26s

Chapter: Formatting of Report Headers and Footers

Adding the Header and Footer

02m 4s

Using the Built-in Fields

02m 35s

Adding Query-Defined Fields

02m 15s

Adding Images to the Header

01m 45s

The Importance of Displaying Report Metadata on the Report

01m 39s

Chapter: Creating a Drilldown Report

Queries Specialized for Drilldown Reports

02m 19s

Creating the Drilldown Report

02m 15s

Grouping in SSRS

02m 3s

Toggling the Display

01m 31s

Adding Summary Rows

01m 49s

Chapter: Using Parameters in a Report

Parameter Types

03m 59s

Available and Default Values

03m 18s

Filtering by the Parameter Value

01m 52s

Displaying Parameter Values within the Report

02m 30s

Chapter: Creating a Drillthrough Report

Creating a Child Report

03m 17s

Adding a Parameter to a Query

02m 56s

Configuring the Drillthrough Reporting Action

03m 0s

Deploying the Drillthrough Reports to the Report Server

02m 21s

Chapter: Creating Pie and Bar Charts

Queries Optimized for Pie Charts and Bar Charts

02m 56s

Creating the Pie Chart Report

01m 50s

Creating the Bar Chart Report

01m 40s

Formatting the Legends and Labels

03m 57s

Placing two Subreports onto One Report

02m 54s

Chapter: Utilizing Gauges, Sparklines, and Indicators

Queries Optimized for Gauges, Sparklines, and Indicators

01m 53s

Creating a Report Containing a Gauge

02m 20s

Creating a Report Containing a Sparkline

01m 58s

Creating a Report Containing an Indicator

03m 4s

Creating a Dashboard

02m 36s