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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with Node

Installing Node and Running a Server

03m 12s

Deconstructing an HTTP Server

02m 17s

Chapter: Node Modules

The CommonJS Module Specifications

03m 2s

Loading Modules

04m 13s

Managing Module Dependencies

01m 38s

Managing Packages with npm

01m 59s

Configuring and Publishing a Package

03m 13s

Chapter: Understanding Events

The Event Loop and NextTick()

02m 32s

Asynchronous Programming and Nonblocking I/O

02m 59s

Callback Patterns

03m 1s

Pub/Sub with EventEmitter

02m 29s

Chapter: Working with File Streams

Managing the File System

04m 11s

Reading and Writing Files

03m 54s

Reading and Writing Streams

03m 5s

Chapter: Running an HTTP Server

Building an HTTP Server

04m 0s

Serving Static Files

03m 51s

Performance Tuning

03m 24s

Chapter: The Connect Framework

Using HTTP Middleware

04m 16s

Building a Static Server with Connect

03m 34s

Tuning a Connect Server

02m 34s

Chapter: The Express Framework

Using a Web Application Framework

04m 57s

Generating Logs and Handling Errors

03m 36s

Storing Data in a Session

02m 23s

Building a To-Do App with Express

04m 39s

Chapter: Using View Templates

Choosing a Template Engine

03m 22s

Rendering the View Templates

04m 3s

Advanced Templating Features

04m 17s

Chapter: Data Storage

Installing MongoDB and Mongoose

04m 24s

Creating a Database Interface

03m 48s

Defining a Model

04m 16s

Performing CRUD Operations

04m 21s

Using Subdocuments

04m 34s

Chapter: Using Socket.IO

Real-Time Communication with Socket.IO

03m 7s

Pushing Notifications

03m 57s

Publishing Content Updates

03m 39s

Chapter: Automated Testing

Installing a Test Framework

04m 57s

Writing Integration Tests

04m 56s