Books & Videos

Table of Contents

Chapter: Interactive User eXperiences

Designing a Multimedia Course Summary

02m 32s

Embedding a Glogster into Our Moodle Course

01m 27s

Creating a Crossword with 3D Images

02m 4s

Uploading the Crossword to Moodle

01m 40s

Designing a Questionnaire using Google Docs

02m 2s

Chapter: Surveys, Statistics, and Charts

Designing a Survey

02m 19s

Using the Data to Draw a Chart

01m 38s

Embedding a 3D Chart

01m 45s

Uploading MP3 Files to Charts

02m 1s

Embedding a 3D Chart with MP3 Files

01m 18s

Chapter: Uploading and Embedding Files

Creating a PDF and Uploading to Moodle

02m 6s

Designing a Presentation with Hyperlinks and Videos

01m 51s

Designing a Screencast with the Presentation

01m 51s

Embedding the Presentation from YouTube

01m 17s

Creating a Presentation in Google Docs and Sharing It

02m 2s

Chapter: Sounds, MIDI, and MP3 files

Finding Free MP3 Files and Uploading Them to Moodle

01m 43s

Editing MP3 Files

01m 43s

Looking for MIDI Files and Converting to MP3 Files

01m 16s

Creating a Playlist

01m 24s

Adding Sounds to Activities

01m 4s

Chapter: Alice in Moodle

Installing Alice

01m 15s

Creating a Scenery in Alice

01m 20s

Adding Movement in the Scenery

01m 15s

Creating a Video and Uploading to YouTube

01m 14s

Embedding the Video Created in Alice in Moodle

01m 20s

Chapter: Using, Editing, and Embedding videos

Creating a Screencast

01m 26s

Editing a Screencast

00m 51s

Creating a Playlist of Videos

01m 39s

Editing Existing Videos and Creating a New One

01m 25s

Embedding Videos, Playlists, or Screencasts in Moodle

01m 13s

Chapter: Repositories and E-portfolios

Enabling Flickr Public

01m 13s

Designing an Activity Using Flickr Public

01m 30s

Adding a E-Portfolio

01m 22s

Enabling E-Portfolio

01m 34s

Enabling Dropbox

02m 0s

Chapter: Embedding Social Networks in Moodle

Creating an Account and a Page on Facebook

01m 25s

Embedding a Facebook Button in Moodle

01m 31s

Creating a Flickr Account and Embedding It in Moodle

01m 29s

Embedding Twitter in Moodle

00m 58s

YouTube in Moodle

01m 30s