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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with Scanning

Scanning with Nmap

03m 36s

More Nmap Scan Options

03m 57s

Working with a Database to Store Scan Results

03m 15s

Scanning with Auxiliary Modules

03m 15s

Vulnerability Scanning with NeXpose

03m 18s

Chapter: Working with Metasploit Payloads and Encoders

Working with msfpayload

03m 18s

Working with msfencode

02m 39s

Generating Complex Payloads

02m 37s

Setting Up Metasploit Exploit Modules and Reverse Handlers

01m 53s

Penetration Testing Using an Executable and Reverse Handler

02m 11s

Chapter: Working with Exploit Modules

WinXP SP2 Vulnerability Assessment and Exploitation

03m 19s

Binding Shells and Changing Payloads

01m 49s

Understanding the Metasploit Directory Structure

03m 40s

Penetration Testing on a Linux Machine

03m 17s

Chapter: Client-side Exploitation Using Metasploit

Client-side Exploitation Based on Internet Explorer

02m 37s

Exploitation Module Based on Adobe Reader

02m 54s

Exploitation and Pen-testing Based on a Java Applet

02m 11s

Targeting the Microsoft File Format's Vulnerabilities for Penetration Testing

02m 40s

Browser Autopwn

02m 37s

Chapter: Post-Exploitation with Meterpreter

Understanding Meterpreter

03m 9s

Meterpreter System Commands

02m 44s

Privilege Escalation Using Meterpreter

02m 32s

Meterpreter File System Commands

01m 54s

Meterpreter User Interface Commands

04m 1s

Chapter: Advanced Meterpreter

Passing the Hash

02m 55s

Setting Up Persistent Connection using Meterpreter

02m 59s

Meterpreter Networking Commands

04m 11s


03m 46s


02m 35s

Chapter: Working with Auxiliary Modules

Understanding the Module Directory Structure and Auxiliary Modules

03m 12s

Working with Admin Auxiliary Modules

02m 58s

Denial-of-service Auxiliary Modules

02m 36s

Fuzzer Auxiliary Modules

02m 33s

Post Exploitation Auxiliary Modules

02m 22s

Chapter: Working with Armitage

Getting Started with Armitage

02m 7s

Understanding the Armitage GUI Interface

02m 23s

Scanning with Armitage

02m 39s

Launching Exploits against a Target Using Armitage

02m 43s

Post Exploitation Using Armitage

03m 10s