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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

The Second-hand Lens Store

06m 49s

The Derived Star Schema

04m 29s

Setting up Our Development Environment

07m 7s

Chapter: Agile BI - Creating ETLs to Prepare Joined Data Set

Importing Raw Data

03m 22s

Exporting Data Using the Standard Table Output

04m 33s

Exporting Data Using the Dedicated Bulk Loading

04m 32s

Chapter: Agile BI - Building OLAP Schema, Analyzing Data, and Implementing Required ETL Improvements

Creating a Pentaho Analysis Model

03m 25s

Analyzing Data Using Pentaho Analyzer

03m 49s

Improving Your ETL for Better Data Quality

04m 15s

Chapter: Slowly Changing Dimensions

Creating a Slowly Changing Dimension of Type 1 Using Insert/Update

06m 47s

Creating a Slowly Changing Dimension of Type 1 Using Dimension Lookup Update

04m 58s

Creating a Slowly Changing Dimension Type 2

05m 18s

Chapter: Populating Data Dimension

Defining Start and End Date Parameters

05m 17s

Auto-generating Daily Rows for a Given Period

04m 26s

Auto-generating Year, Month, and Day

06m 27s

Chapter: Creating the Fact Transformation

Sourcing Raw Data for Fact Table

03m 52s

Lookup Slowly Changing Dimension of the Type 1 Key

04m 28s

Lookup Slowly Changing Dimension of the Type 2 key

06m 8s

Chapter: Orchestration

Loading Dimensions in Parallel

06m 20s

Creating Master Jobs

04m 9s

Chapter: ID-based Change Data Capture

Implementing Change Data Capture (CDC)

04m 58s

Creating a CDC Job Flow

04m 48s

Chapter: Final Touches: Logging and Scheduling

Setting up a Dedicated DB Schema

01m 22s

Setting up Built-in Logging

04m 22s

Scheduling on the Command Line

05m 30s