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Table of Contents

Chapter: Planning Your First Game

Planning Your Game

01m 11s

Setting Up Your File Structure

01m 46s

Setting Up HTML and JS

02m 45s

Drawing Basic Shapes with EaselJS

03m 5s

Implementing Your First Game Object

03m 21s

Chapter: Creating the Core Game Logic

Displaying Multiple Objects on Stage

02m 29s

Adding Click Input Events

03m 20s

Adding the Game Logic

03m 47s

Adding the Game Over Logic

03m 44s

Restarting the Game

01m 58s

Chapter: Adding Graphics to Your Game

Preparing Your Graphics

02m 13s

Adding Graphics to the Game

02m 39s

Preloading Graphics

04m 5s

Adding Custom Web Fonts

03m 19s

Making Your Game Mobile-friendly

02m 28s

Chapter: Planning Your Second Game

Planning the Rush Game

02m 43s

Defining the Game Object Class

03m 38s

Creating a Platform Class

04m 11s

Creating Movable Game Objects

03m 44s

Adding Platforms to Your Stage

02m 50s

Chapter: Game Objects and Collisions

Handling Platforms and Hero Collisions

04m 35s

Implementing the Obstacle Game Objects

02m 18s

Handling Obstacle and Hero Collisions

02m 9s

Handling Collisions with Generic Methods

02m 27s

Implementing the Detection Score Counter

02m 6s

Chapter: Character Movement and Input Handling

Adding Gravity to the Level

03m 48s

Applying Gravity to the Hero

02m 14s

Making the Hero Run

02m 5s

Making the Hero Jump

01m 19s

Handling Hero-Obstacle Collisions

02m 41s

Chapter: Adding Graphics and Animations

Creating the Rush Game's Graphics

03m 51s

Integrating Static Graphics in Rush

01m 30s

Using EaselJS Sprite Sheet Animations

04m 1s

Creating the Dynamic Platform Width Logic

02m 57s

Preloading Graphics and the Progress Bar

03m 21s

Chapter: Polishing Your Final Game

Creating a Main Menu Scene

03m 59s

Create a Game Over Scene

02m 34s

Displaying Scores

03m 17s

Displaying a Scoreboard

04m 23s

Finalizing Your Game's Web Page

03m 33s