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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

What Is {LESS}?

01m 54s

A Quick Introduction To {LESS}

03m 6s

Installing Firebug

01m 48s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Building Our {LESS} Files

Importing Files

01m 26s

{LESS} On The Client Site

02m 48s

Our First {LESS} File

01m 44s

Commenting Our {LESS}

02m 42s

Chapter: Building Consistent Values

Defining And Using A Variable

05m 53s

Modifying The Value And Scope Of A Variable

06m 9s

Identifying Syntax Errors

04m 36s

Using Mixins

08m 49s

Parametric Mixins - Passing Parameters

09m 33s

Conditional Tests - Guards

08m 27s

Parametric Mixins - Multiple Parameters

03m 28s

Importing External Files

03m 41s

Chapter: Selector Nesting

Basics Of Nesting

03m 34s

Nesting Multiple Selectors

05m 21s

Nesting With Pseudo-Classes

04m 36s

Chapter: Functions And Operations

Basic Math In {LESS}

04m 33s

Defined {LESS} Functions - Colour

06m 0s

Defined {LESS} Functions - Math

05m 28s

Chapter: Finishing Up

Compiling {LESS} To CSS

08m 8s

The Completed Project And Further Topics

04m 7s

Chapter: About the Author

About Walter Wimberly

01m 18s