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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

What This Course Covers

02m 9s

Installing Java In Windows

02m 46s

Installing MySQL In Windows

03m 52s

Installing Java On Mac

00m 54s

Installing MySQL On Mac

01m 5s

Installing The Connector J Driver

02m 27s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Using MySQL

Setting Up A Database

02m 23s

Creating Tables

01m 55s

Inserting Data

01m 46s

Querying Data

01m 50s

Updating Records

01m 36s

Removing Records

01m 55s

Using MySQL - Exercise 1

01m 37s

Using MySQL - Exercise 2

03m 10s

Chapter: Using Java To Connect To MySQL

Testing Driver Function

01m 55s

Connecting To Database

03m 17s

Querying Table

03m 40s

Updating Table

03m 21s

Inserting Data Into Table

03m 42s

Removing Data From Table

03m 14s

Using Java To Connect To MySQL - Exercise 1

03m 16s

Using Java To Connect To MySQL - Exercise 2

03m 17s

Using Java To Connect To MySQL - Exercise 3

01m 49s

Using Java To Connect To MySQL - Exercise 4

02m 34s

Chapter: Advanced Database Techniques

Installing NetBeans

01m 33s

Setting Up NetBeans

01m 48s

Creating Table In NetBeans

03m 18s

Insert, Update And Delete Using NetBeans

03m 16s

Advanced Database Techniques - Exercise 1

02m 19s

Advanced Database Techniques - Exercise 2

02m 2s

Chapter: Java/MySQL App In NetBeans

Creating A Database - CRUD Application

02m 20s

Creating A Java/MySQL App

02m 20s

Creating A NetBeans Platform App

03m 46s

Chapter: Using The Built-In Derby Database In NetBeans

Starting A Java DB Application In NetBeans

03m 35s

Wrapping Jars in Modules

01m 44s

Designing The User Interface

02m 21s

Creating A Java/Derby App

03m 13s

Building A NetBeans/Java DB App

03m 36s

Chapter: About The Author

About Mike McMillan

02m 22s