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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What You Will Learn

00m 33s

What Is PSD To Web Conversion?

01m 24s

Working With Lesson Files

00m 51s

Developing A Site Map

02m 17s

How To Access Your Working Files.mp4

01m 15s

Chapter: Creating A PSD Mockup

Deciding On A Site layout

04m 23s

Selecting Color And Fonts

03m 21s

Using Photoshop To Create A Color Pallet

06m 59s

Setting Up Document Size And Image Resolution

02m 54s

Creating The PSD Mockup Navigation

07m 7s

Completing The PSD Mockup

04m 57s

Working With Placeholder Text

03m 24s

Transparency And Graphics

03m 39s

Slicing The Mockup

06m 14s

Slice Options

03m 45s

Saving For Web - Part 1

05m 30s

Saving For Web - Part 2

06m 17s

Chapter: Moving To Dreamweaver

Organizing Files

01m 43s

Setting Up And Managing A New Site

04m 24s

Testing The Site Connection

05m 36s

Working With The Files Tab

03m 10s

Working With Code, Design And Split Views

03m 37s

Working With Images And Layout Objects

06m 8s

Chapter: Converting The PSD Mockup

Opening Files In Dreamweaver

01m 17s

Adding Title And Meta Name Tags

02m 23s

Replacing Placeholder Slices With Div Tags

02m 36s

Replacing Placeholder Text With HTML Using Div Tags

06m 6s

Using AP Div Tags - Part 1

06m 26s

Using AP Div Tags - Part 2

04m 47s

Working With Stylesheets

03m 52s

Creating New Style Rules

05m 16s

Adding Hyperlinks - Relative And Absolute

07m 22s

Chapter: Testing Your Site

Working With Live View In Dreamweaver

01m 3s

Checking Remote Files And Refreshing

02m 11s

Viewing The Site In A Browser

01m 35s

Chapter: Conclusion


00m 46s

Chapter: About The Author

About The Author

00m 56s