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Table of Contents

Chapter: Overview


01m 38s

Chapter: How It Goes Wrong

Leaks And Overruns

04m 46s

Chapter: Playing In Your Own Sandbox - Avoiding Overruns

STL Vector Methods, Range Checking, And Sentinels

06m 32s

Chapter: Taking Care Of Your Environment - Cleaning Up After Yourself

Memory Leaks - Part 1

04m 59s

Memory Leaks - Part 2

03m 7s

Chapter: Once It Is Gone, It Is Gone - Reusing Released Memory And Other Bad Ideas

Pointers, Pitfalls, And Best Practices

04m 31s

Chapter: This Is Not A Trust Relationship

Initialize Everything; Trust But Verify

07m 52s

Chapter: Simultaneous Data Access - A Primer

Reading And Writing Shared Assets

10m 48s

Chapter: Stupid Code Tricks

Undefined Behaviour And Other Bad Practices

05m 39s

Chapter: Old School Rules - Best Practices

The Heap And STL Wrappers

05m 25s

Chapter: Conclusion

About The Author

00m 48s