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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 49s

Working With References

02m 23s

Using The Working Files

01m 2s

Storing Your XREF Working Files

02m 0s

Chapter: References 101


04m 58s

The Reference Panel

05m 33s


04m 38s


03m 57s

Edit Reference - InSitu

03m 10s

Edit Reference - External

03m 16s

Reference Fading

02m 49s

Chapter: Reference Palette

Attaching References

03m 53s

Refresh And Reload

02m 32s

List View

01m 51s

Tree View

01m 47s

Shortcut Menu

02m 26s

Details Panel

01m 45s

Chapter: Reference Details


06m 9s


03m 54s


04m 22s

Insertion Point

05m 32s

Path Type

04m 0s


03m 25s

Chapter: Working With XREFs

Unloading XREFs

02m 32s

Detaching XREFs

02m 15s

Binding XREFs

03m 52s

Reconciling Layers

04m 59s

Updating An XREF

03m 30s

Updating An In Place XREF

03m 56s

Chapter: Underlays

Using PDFs

02m 46s

Adjusting The Underlay

02m 28s

Underlay Scale

04m 18s

Clipping An Underlay

02m 27s

Underlay Layers

01m 45s

Underlay Snaps

04m 6s

Chapter: Scaling With Underlays

Reference Scaling

02m 40s

Chapter: Plotting with XREFs

Using Layers

02m 20s

Using Layer States

03m 27s

Using Layer Property Filters

03m 8s

Using Layer Group Filters

02m 47s

Chapter: Conclusion

Finishing Up

00m 58s

Chapter: Credits

About Shaun Bryant

01m 5s