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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 6s

Using Construction Drawings

01m 36s

Using The Working Files

01m 33s

Chapter: Drawing Settings

STARTUP Variable

06m 19s


05m 56s


05m 42s


07m 46s

Chapter: Title Blocks

Sheet Size

03m 52s

Setting Up And Managing A New Site

06m 21s

Adding Text

08m 38s

Notes Column

06m 52s

Using Attributes

06m 5s

Using Blocks

03m 54s

Page Setup And Viewports

08m 11s

Saving As A Template

03m 5s

Chapter: Drawing Creation

Bringing In A Template

03m 43s

Setting Up Your Tabs

03m 2s


05m 0s


04m 47s


04m 35s


04m 46s

Design Re-Use

07m 56s

Dynamic Blocks

05m 48s

Chapter: Drawing Annotation

Text Styles

07m 29s


06m 30s

Dimension Styles

09m 32s

Annotative Dimensions

06m 7s

Quick Dimension - QDIM

06m 29s

Continue Dimension

02m 48s

Baseline Dimension

03m 15s


04m 21s


06m 49s

Hatching - Part 1

06m 29s

Hatching - Part 2

03m 37s

Gradient Fill

02m 55s

Chapter: Layout Setup

Layout Tabs

02m 55s

Page Setups

05m 11s

Viewport Scaling

07m 16s

Annotation Scaling

05m 52s

Viewport Freeze

04m 30s

Viewport Layer Colors

04m 26s

Using Fields

03m 27s

Chapter: Plotting

Creating Colour Tables

04m 58s

Plotting File Formats

03m 28s


03m 53s

Autodesk Design Review

03m 26s

Markup Set Manager

03m 30s

Chapter: Publishing

Batch Plotting

03m 38s

Setting Up Sheets

02m 57s

Batch Plot Settings

03m 8s

Plot Stamps - Part 1

04m 12s

Plot Stamps - Part 2

01m 34s

Chapter: Close

Finishing Up

01m 0s

Chapter: Credits

About Shaun Bryant

01m 5s