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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction To SolidWorks Sheet Metal

02m 43s

What You Will Learn

01m 36s

Chapter: Creating Sheet Metal Parts

Base Flange

07m 24s

Bend Allowance And Bend Tables

06m 19s

Edge Flange

08m 19s

Cuts In Sheet Metal

04m 13s

Patterning And Mirroring Features

02m 38s

Closed Corner

04m 9s


04m 44s

Testing Your Skills - Part 1

09m 55s

Testing Your Skills - Part 2

04m 11s

Sketched Bend

02m 39s


03m 50s


04m 45s

Break Corner

01m 42s

Flat Pattern

04m 36s

Corner Trim In Flattened State

03m 54s

Fold And Unfold

03m 26s


04m 53s

Miter Flange

07m 2s

Swept Flange

05m 25s

Chapter: Sheet Metal Forming Tools

Cuts And Forming Tools

04m 46s

Modifying Existing Forming Tools

04m 38s

Creating New Forming Tools

06m 47s

Chapter: Convert To Sheet Metal

Converting To Sheet Metal

07m 29s

Using The Rip Feature

04m 9s

Adding Bends In Place Of Sharp Corners

03m 40s

Adding A Welded Corner

02m 26s

Chapter: Sheet Metal Drawings

Sheet Metal Drawings

05m 46s

Adding Punch Tables

04m 18s

Chapter: Additional Sheet Metal Features

Multibody Sheet Metal Parts

05m 55s

Creating Cross Breaks

02m 12s

Lofted Bends

07m 31s

Sheet Metal Costing

08m 35s

Chapter: Sheet Metal Certification Preparation

Recommended Preparation

03m 25s

Getting Ready

04m 24s

Exam Strategies

03m 56s

Practice Exam

02m 37s

Chapter: Conclusion

About The Author

02m 6s