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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Introduction to Chapter 1

01m 22s

About Andy

02m 58s

Working With The Exercise Files

02m 28s

Top Ten Dreamweaver Features From Andy

07m 4s

Chapter: The First Step In Web Design

Introduction to Chapter 2

00m 52s

Working With Local And Remote Sites

03m 8s

Generating A Local Site Folder

03m 10s

Generating A Remote Server Definition

04m 39s

Going Through File Panel Options

04m 33s

Modifying Existing Sites

02m 37s

Helping An Existing Site To Grow

02m 58s

File Synchronization

02m 28s

File And Folder Cloaking

02m 50s

Chapter: Building Basic Site Pages

Introduction to Chapter 3

00m 36s

Generating A Work Site

01m 32s

Creating, Naming, And Saving Site Pages

04m 21s

Working With Titles And Text

05m 23s

Creating An External Link

04m 29s

Working With The Assets Panel

05m 37s

Validating Pages With Multiple Browsers

05m 3s

Chapter: Adding And Formatting Text On A Site Page

Introduction to Chapter 4

00m 53s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 4

02m 39s

Working With Page Properties

04m 31s

Basic Text Editing

05m 37s

Copy And Paste Text Options

06m 48s

Working With Paste Special

04m 7s

HTML Text Formatting Options

05m 49s

Creating A Downloadable Text Link

02m 15s

Chapter: Performing Text Searches On A Site

Introduction to Chapter 5

01m 0s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 5

01m 29s

Find And Replace Basics

11m 16s

Advanced Find And Replace Options

05m 32s

Using Regular Expressions

07m 43s

Additional Search Features

01m 51s

Checking Your Spelling

02m 15s

Chapter: Inserting And Manipulating Images

Introduction to Chapter 6

00m 52s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 6

01m 41s

HTML5 And CSS Page Structure 101

05m 4s

Building A Page From Scratch

13m 21s

All About Assets And Workspaces

06m 53s

Inserting Images Into A Page

04m 50s

Editing Images Within Dreamweaver

05m 18s

The Photoshop Connection

06m 11s

Adding A Background Image

05m 25s

Chapter: Using Dreamweaver Layout Tools

Introduction to Chapter 7

00m 41s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 7

01m 34s

Planning The Project

12m 50s

Working With Grids, Guides, And Rulers

05m 16s

Using Tracing Images

02m 32s

Defining New Document Settings

02m 57s

Chapter: Working With Templates, Library Items And Snippets

Introduction to Chapter 8

00m 55s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 8

01m 55s

Template Basics

07m 40s

Generating Editable Regions Within A Template

02m 42s

Constructing Web Pages From A Template

05m 7s

Working In The Dreamweaver Library

03m 1s

Applying Library Items To An Existing Page

01m 33s

Editing Library Items

02m 10s

Detaching A Library Item

01m 19s

Working With Snippets

04m 6s

Chapter: Site Construction: Begin With The End In Mind

Introduction to Chapter 9

00m 34s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 9

01m 39s

Planning And Setting Up Templates

12m 58s

Generating The First Site Template

08m 8s

Working With Float And Clear

08m 58s

Troubleshooting Tips

06m 27s

Chapter: Constructing A Site From Scratch

Introduction to Chapter 10

00m 29s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 10

01m 30s

Planning Is Key

05m 5s

Assembling The Raw Pages From Templates

06m 36s

Activating The Navigation

03m 42s

Populating The Pages With Images

05m 26s

Troubleshooting A Template

08m 59s

Chapter: Fleshing Out The Site

Introduction to Chapter 11

00m 27s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 11

01m 57s

Generating Internal Page Navigation

05m 15s

Creating An Additional Template

07m 49s

Generating A Image Map

04m 48s

Creating A Text Driven Page

07m 38s

Basic Site Testing

04m 36s

Chapter: Filling In The Corners

Introduction to Chapter 12

00m 40s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 12

01m 13s

Borders And Backgrounds

07m 21s

Behaviors And Navigation

09m 46s

Behaviors And Library Items

05m 39s

CSS And Text

06m 20s

Generating Hyperlinks

05m 24s

Chapter: Working With Cascading Style Sheets

Introduction to Chapter 13

01m 6s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 13

01m 13s

Internal Versus External Style Sheets

03m 42s

Creating Borders With CSS

06m 57s

Controlling Text With Classes

08m 53s

Using Images For Backgrounds

05m 35s

Understanding CSS Hierarchy

08m 26s

Chapter: Behaviors And Transitions

Introduction to Chapter 14

01m 13s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 14

01m 6s

Applying Custom Behaviors

04m 23s

Adding Informational Text

04m 51s

Opening Custom Browser Windows

02m 28s

Checking For Plug Ins

02m 31s

Adding Text With A Transition

06m 41s

Chapter: The Basics Of Tables

Introduction to Chapter 15

01m 18s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 15

01m 20s

Tables 101

06m 2s

Modifying Table Cells With CSS

06m 27s

Formatting Table Data

07m 9s

Adding Images To Table Cells

06m 55s

Creating Custom Links Using CSS

05m 35s

Chapter: Generating A Form

Introduction to Chapter 16

00m 50s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 16

01m 28s

Creating A Form Container

05m 38s

Adding Input Fields To The Form

05m 5s

Organizing With Data Sets

02m 38s

Generating An Area Type Field

04m 33s

Adding Radio Buttons And Checkboxes

05m 32s

Creating Placeholder Text

02m 5s

Adding A File Field

03m 14s

Controlling The Form With CSS

05m 9s

Adding Submit And Reset Buttons

03m 50s

Chapter: Working With Multi Media

Introduction to Chapter 17

01m 24s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 17

01m 27s

Working With The Insert Panel

06m 29s

Creating A Tabbed Web Page With jQuery

03m 45s

Adding An Introduction

03m 48s

Working With Video

06m 43s

Adding Audio

02m 58s

Creating Image Rollover Captions

06m 13s

Chapter: Additional Considerations

Introduction to Chapter 18

00m 54s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 18

01m 3s

Working With Adobe Exchange

02m 58s

Creating A Custom Drop Down Menu

06m 18s

Applying The Menu To A Template

03m 56s

Working With Web Edge Fonts

07m 24s

Fluid Grid Layouts

07m 13s

Chapter: Getting Ready For Primetime

Introduction to Chapter 19

00m 39s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 19

01m 30s

Performing Site Validation

04m 54s

Working With Design Notes

02m 50s

Search Engine Optimization

08m 58s

Going Primetime

05m 37s

Final Thoughts

01m 44s