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Table of Contents

Chapter: Fundamentals

What You Will Learn

02m 10s

Bits, Bytes, And Bitmaps

03m 56s

Channels And Bit Depth

06m 8s

Color Modes, Spaces, And Profiles

05m 56s

Picking Color

06m 17s

Understanding Histograms

06m 56s

Cropping To A Specific Aspect Ratio

04m 44s

Cropping In Perspective

04m 39s

Content Aware Scaling

03m 26s

Trimming And Using Canvas Size

05m 4s

Chapter: Developing Photos

Adding Keywords In Bridge

05m 21s

Rating, Labeling, And Grouping In Bridge

05m 9s

Cropping, Straightening, And Sizing In Camera Raw

05m 53s

Developing With Basic Parameters

07m 29s

Adjusting Tone Curves In Camera Raw

06m 33s

Managing Detail In Camera Raw

06m 31s

Lens Corrections, Camera Calibration, And Special Effects

06m 25s

Making Targeted Adjustments In Camera Raw

07m 12s

Chapter: Non-Destructive Editing

Destructive Editing Techniques

05m 11s

Non-Destructive Editing - Part 1

05m 11s

Non-Destructive Editing - Part 2

06m 23s

Chapter: Expanding Dynamic Range

Merging Multiple Exposures With 32 Bits Per Channel

06m 6s

Merging Multiple Exposures With HDR Pro Alone

03m 46s

Increasing Dynamic Range With Creative Masking

05m 24s

HDR Toning A Single Image

03m 2s

Chapter: Digital Illustration Techniques

Techniques For Composing A 3D Model

06m 36s

Illustrating A 3D Model Using Depth Of Field And A Surface Texture

05m 51s

Blending Smart Filter Gallery Effects With A Rendering

05m 17s

Painting With The Art History Brush

05m 18s

Transforming Photos Into Illustrations

04m 32s

Chapter: Extracting Objects From Photos

Selecting People Using Quick Selection Tool

06m 57s

Using Refine Edge And A Layer Mask To Extract People

06m 12s

Extracting A Machined Object Using The Pen Tool

10m 14s

Replacing The Sky Using Colour Range

05m 55s

Compositing Entourage

05m 23s

Chapter: Enhancing 2D Drawings

Creating A Raster Printer Driver And Custom Paper Size In AutoCAD

05m 46s

Creating A Custom Plot Style Table

03m 3s

Loading Custom LISP Code And Running It

03m 45s

Loading AutoCAD Output In Photoshop And Cleaning It Up

07m 25s

Using The Stroke And Colour Overlay Layer Style Effects

08m 13s

Using Pattern And Colour Overlay Together

06m 1s

Creating A Custom Pattern And Overlaying It

07m 35s

Applying A Scripted Pattern In A Clipping Group

03m 18s

Altering A Scripted Pattern And Reapplying It

04m 29s

Fading The Edges Of A Pattern

02m 59s

Rotating Patterns As Layers In A Clipping Group

04m 53s

Overlaying Gradients And Filling With Colour

05m 45s

Applying Drop Shadows To Simulate Depth

06m 5s

Chapter: Altering Image Content

Retouching An Image To Remove Unwanted Content

08m 43s

Masking A Building In Preparation For Retexturing

07m 53s

Transferring Masks And Creating Grids In Vanishing Point

06m 19s

Preparing A Replacement Texture

03m 57s

Replacing A Texture In Vanishing Point

05m 11s

Adjusting Shading Of The Replacement Texture

04m 52s

Chapter: 3D And Video

Positioning A Camera And Cross Sectional Plane In A 3D Model

05m 32s

Animating A Camera And Cross Section On The Timeline

06m 8s

Altering Video With Filters As A Smart Object

05m 5s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

01m 38s

About The Author

00m 33s