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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What You Should Expect From The Video

00m 30s

Chapter: Getting Started

Setting Up Your Command Manager

07m 0s

Inserting A Sketch Picture

03m 49s

Creating A Plan Of Attack

04m 23s

Chapter: Steering Wheel Center

Drawing The Steering Wheel Base

06m 5s

Creating The Airbag - Part 1

06m 31s

Creating The Airbag - Part 2

07m 54s

Creating The Airbag - Part 3

08m 26s

Creating The Airbag - Part 4

05m 21s

Ferrari Emblem - Part 1

06m 47s

Ferrari Emblem - Part 2

03m 2s

Embossing SRS Airbag

02m 51s

Center Control Buttons

05m 50s

Control Button Illumination

02m 42s

Control Button Decals

03m 10s

Chapter: Upper Wheel and Tachometer

Creating The Base Shape Upper Wheel

06m 25s

Creating The Tachometer

05m 1s

Chapter: Lower Wheel

Sweeping The Base Shape Lower Wheel

02m 53s

Creating The Spoke

07m 2s


05m 41s

Chapter: Hand Grip

Creating The Base Shape

01m 59s

Starting Detail On Steering Wheel Hand Grip

04m 36s

Starting To Blend Shapes - Part 1

04m 53s

Starting To Blend Shapes - Part 2

07m 25s

Finish Blending Shapes

06m 25s

Thumb Depression Area

06m 0s

Turn Signal Button

05m 25s

Clean Up And Organize

04m 31s

Chapter: Finishing Touches

Adding Materials

06m 17s

Setting Up A Scene

06m 58s

Rendering The Model

05m 11s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrapping Up

00m 41s

About The Author

00m 39s