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Table of Contents

Chapter: Welcome

How Advanced Is Advanced?

03m 23s

Using The Working Files

01m 55s

When Is A Formula A Function?

03m 58s

Chapter: Getting The Basics Right

Sum And Count Syntax

06m 18s

Accessing Unknown Function Syntax Within Excel

07m 57s

Referencing Entire Rows/Columns

04m 32s

Function Processing Order

07m 48s

Convert Formulas To Values In A Split Second

04m 22s

Chapter: Extend Your Formula Usage

Naming Cells To Improve Formula Appearance

06m 48s

3D Referencing

08m 58s

Full Absolute Referencing

04m 36s

Making Only Part Absolute Formula

06m 23s

Chapter: If And If Type Functions

The If Logical Test

08m 15s

Nested If Statements

03m 56s

Using The And, Or, And Not Functions Within If

06m 58s

CountIf, SumIf, And AverageIf

10m 11s

Multiple Criteria With CountIfs, SumIfs, And AverageIfs

06m 33s

Chapter: Lookup And Reference Type Functions

Looking Up Information With VLookup

09m 10s


04m 11s

Nearest Match With VLookup

06m 30s

Nested Lookup Functions

04m 29s

Choose And Match Functions For Locating Data

05m 10s

Index And Match Functions For Retrieving Data

08m 38s

Chapter: Mathematical Functions

Varying Rounding Functions

07m 39s

MRound, Ceiling, And Floor For Rounding Also

05m 18s

Int And Mod For Integer And Remainder Values

04m 20s

Generating Random Numbers And Values In Excel

05m 14s

Password Generating Workbooks

06m 2s

Display Different Number Types With Roman And Arabic

05m 17s

Chapter: Statistics

The Middle Value With Median

05m 7s

Ranking Data Without Sorting

04m 57s

Large And Small For Retrieving Biggest And Smallest Values

04m 39s

A Choice Of Count Functions

05m 39s

Chapter: Text Functions

Extracting Data With Left, Right And Mid

05m 45s

Locating Data With Find, Search, Exact

07m 18s

Use Trim And Clean To Remove Unwanted Gaps

05m 49s

Combine Data From Different Cells

06m 18s

Changing The Case Of Text Using Proper, Upper, And Lower

03m 17s

Replace And Substitute In Action

04m 54s

Format Number Content Within Strings With Text

05m 52s

Chapter: Date And Time Functions

Using Today And Now Functions<

03m 34s

How Does Excel Deal With Dates And Time

05m 52s

What Day Of The Week Is It?

04m 14s

Difference Between Network Days And Work Day

06m 58s

DatedIf For Time Differences

07m 12s

EDate And EOMonth

04m 57s

DateValue And TimeValue Functions

07m 43s

Chapter: Information And Referencing Functions

Extracting Information With Cell And Info Functions

08m 12s

Using IsBlank, IsOdd, IsEven, IsText, And IsNumber

04m 37s

IsErr, IsError, IfError, IsNA, And IfNA For Error Checking

08m 25s

The New IsFormula Function And FormulaText

03m 41s

Use Offset To Obtain Data From Related Cells

08m 42s

InDirect And Its Uses

07m 12s

Chapter: Array Formulas And Functions

What Is An Array Formula?

08m 26s

Use An Array Formula To Count Unique Entries

05m 18s

Flipping Rows Or Columns With Transpose

03m 56s

Chapter: Conclusion

Advanced Formula Summary

02m 45s

About Guy Vaccaro

01m 27s