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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installing, Configuring, and Starting Oracle Coherence

What's in the Coherence Zip

03m 22s

Starting a Coherence Cluster

05m 3s

Accessing a Data Grid from the Coherence Console

04m 52s

Starting Coherence in Eclipse

03m 9s

Creating a Cache

09m 54s

JMX Monitoring

03m 19s

Chapter: Planning Your Caches

Clustered Cache Topologies Replicated Cache

05m 1s

Clustered Cache Topologies Partitioned Cache

06m 24s

Clustered Cache Topologies Near Cache

07m 1s

Backing Maps

07m 57s

Read-Through and Refresh-Ahead Caching

05m 35s

Write-Through and Write-Behind Caching

04m 39s

Chapter: Using the Coherence API

Serialization and the Portable Object Format

04m 13s

Pre-Loading Cache

03m 13s

Querying the Grid Filters, Indexes, and Aggregators

08m 13s

Entry Processors

03m 50s

Event Listeners

05m 45s

Map Triggers

02m 17s

Continuous Query Caching

02m 19s

Chapter: Coherence*Extend


07m 47s