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Table of Contents

Chapter: Preface

About the Using Drupal Series

03m 48s

The Using Drupal Book and Video Series

05m 56s

Installing the Using Drupal Source Code

21m 12s

Chapter: Ch. 1: Drupal Overview

What is Drupal?

07m 23s

A Brief History of Content Management

07m 48s

How Does Drupal Work?

19m 20s

Getting Help with Drupal

14m 13s

Chapter: Ch. 2: Drupal Jumpstart

Case Study: Mom & Pop, Inc.

09m 31s

Spotlight: Drupal's Administration Interface

12m 57s

Hands-on: Changing Drupal Administrative Settings

03m 5s

Spotlight: Content Management

17m 1s

Hands-on: Content Management

12m 55s

Spotlight: Drupal Modules

09m 54s

Hands-on: Working with Drupal Modules

09m 22s

Spotlight: Drupal Access Control

14m 6s

Hands-on: Creating Roles and Users

08m 11s

Hands-on: Configuring Permissions

14m 15s

Spotlight: Content Moderation Tools in Drupal

09m 0s

Hands-on: Drupal Contact Form

08m 24s

Spotlight: Drupal Themes

10m 35s

Hands-on: Branding a Drupal Site

04m 3s

Drupal Jumpstart Summary

11m 16s

Chapter: Ch. 3: Job Posting Board

Case Study: Epic University

07m 20s

Spotlight: Field and Field UI Modules

14m 38s

Hands-On: Job Content Type

13m 58s

Spotlight: References Module

06m 22s

Hands-On: Adding a Reference Field

04m 28s

Hands-On: Customizing Field Display

09m 26s

Hands-On: Job Application Content Type

12m 52s

Spotlight: Views Module

25m 40s

Hands-On: Job Listing View

18m 59s

Hands-On: Applications View

14m 24s

Applications View: Tab Display

13m 45s

Applications View: Block Display

10m 59s

Taking the Job Posting Board Further

06m 57s

Job Posting Board Summary

20m 14s

Chapter: Ch. 4: Media Management

Case Study: Band Wagon

06m 23s

Spotlight: Image Styles

18m 12s

Hands-On: Image Styles

06m 18s

Spotlight: Media Module

18m 0s

Hands-On: Music Review Content Type

09m 10s

Hands-On: Displaying Media Files

06m 49s

Spotlight: Content Editing and Image Handling

10m 8s

Spotlight: Text Formats and Filters

12m 52s

Hands-On: Setting Up WYSIWYG

08m 7s

Spotlight: Media Internet Sources

05m 43s

Hands-On: Posting Videos

03m 17s

Taking Media Management Further

03m 27s

Media Management Summary

13m 49s

Chapter: Ch. 5: Product Review

Case Study: Super Duper Chefs

09m 29s

Hands-On: Basic Product Reviews

06m 36s

Spotlight: Amazon Module

07m 58s

Hands-On: Adding an Amazon Field

08m 49s

Spotlight: Voting API and Fivestar

04m 3s

Hands-On: Adding Fivestar Ratings

06m 31s

Spotlight: CSS Injector Module

04m 45s

Hands-On: Polishing the Product Review

08m 38s

Hands-On: Building a Product List

11m 8s

Spotlight: Search Module

09m 33s

Hands-On: Make the Product List View Searchable

04m 56s

Rewriting Views Field Output

06m 22s

Taking Product Reviews Further

05m 25s

Product Review Summary

10m 53s

Chapter: Ch. 6: Event Management

Case Study: Aurora Book Club

06m 37s

Hands-On: First Steps

02m 42s

Spotlight: Date Module

23m 6s

Hands-On: Adding Dates

06m 18s

Hands-On: Upcoming Events View

06m 35s

Spotlight: Calendar Module

03m 57s

Hands-On: Calendar View

05m 30s

Spotlight: Flag Module

09m 25s

Hands-On: Flag Configuration

05m 50s

Hands-On: Attendee View

07m 51s

Taking Event Management Further

03m 53s

Event Management Summary

14m 33s

Chapter: Ch. 7: Managing Publishing Workflows

Case Study: Our Media

07m 35s

Spotlight: Taxonomy

08m 5s

Hands-On: Categorizing Content

08m 6s

Spotlight: Pathauto

09m 39s

Hands-On: Automating URL Aliases

06m 52s

Spotlight: Workbench

06m 23s

Hands-On: Creating Editorial Work Spaces

02m 57s

Hands-On: Generating Sample Content

03m 43s

Spotlight: Workbench Access

10m 18s

Hands-On: Workbench Access

06m 48s

Setting Up Access Control with Workbench Access

11m 39s

Spotlight: Workbench Moderation

04m 45s

Hands-On: Workbench Moderation

10m 21s

Taking Publishing Workflows Further

04m 57s

Publishing Workflows Summary

11m 4s

Chapter: Ch. 8: Multilingual Sites

Case Study: Blue Peak Fanatics

07m 28s

Spotlight: Interface Translation

16m 36s

Hands-On: Installing a Translation

05m 1s

Hands-On: Configuring Locale Features

03m 45s

Spotlight: Localization Client

03m 29s

Hands-On: Translating the Interface

07m 57s

Spotlight: Content Translation

07m 45s

Hands-On: Translating Content

08m 55s

Spotlight: Internationalization

10m 52s

Hands-On: Content Selection

04m 19s

Hands-On: Site-Wide Variables

04m 31s

Hands-On: Content Types

06m 26s

Hands-On: Taxonomy

08m 18s

Hands-On: Menu Translation

03m 55s

Taking Multilingual Further

06m 21s

Multilingual Summary

19m 12s

Chapter: Ch. 9: Online Store

Case Study: Sweet Tees

05m 26s

Spotlight: Drupal Commerce

15m 2s

Spotlight: Managing Products with Drupal Commerce

05m 14s

Hands-On: Products and Product Types

09m 1s

Spotlight: Feeds Module

06m 11s

Hands-On: Bulk-Importing Product Data

07m 45s

Spotlight: Building the Storefront and Shopping Cart

04m 55s

Hands-On: Product Displays

04m 17s

Hands-On: Creating a Product Catalog

06m 32s

Hands-On: The Product Catalog View

10m 52s

Spotlight: Rules Module

09m 34s

Hands-On: Taxes

05m 51s

Spotlight: Accepting Credit Card Payments Online

06m 12s

Hands-On: PayPal

05m 30s

Hands-On: Configuring a Payment Method

04m 12s

Hands-On: Processing Orders

16m 26s

Taking Online Store Further

03m 39s

Online Store Summary

17m 30s

Chapter: Appendix A: Installing and Upgrading Drupal

Before You Begin Installing Drupal

15m 12s

Installing Drupal 7

06m 31s

Keeping Drupal Up To Date

13m 36s

Updating Drupal Core

14m 32s

Chapter: Appendix B: Choosing the Right Modules

Finding Modules

10m 31s

Assessing a Module's Health

16m 41s

Getting Involved

08m 31s

Chapter: Appendix D: Major Changes Between Drupal 6 and 7

New Features in Drupal 7

13m 31s

Changes in Drupal 7

07m 14s

Features Removed from Drupal 7

06m 16s