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Table of Contents

Chapter: Solid Modeling


00m 37s

Gumball Manipulator

11m 46s

Shell Polysurface

10m 6s

Move, Split, And Merge Faces

10m 16s

Round And Revolved Holes

08m 46s

Make, Move, Hole Arrays, And Mirror

11m 36s

Wire Cut

09m 26s

Slab, Boss, And Rib

08m 22s

Solids Exercise, Detail A Drill Interior

11m 29s

Chapter: Object Handling And Visibility

Hiding And Locking Items

09m 45s

Working With Groups

06m 57s

Selecting Objects

10m 34s

Align And Set Point Commands - Part 1

11m 3s

Align And Set Point Commands - Part 2

06m 4s

Undo And Redo

08m 9s

Chapter: Modeling Tutorial - Computer Mouse

Importing Reference Images

06m 30s

Curve Layout - Part 1

14m 15s

Curve Layout - Part 2

05m 58s

Building The Main Body Surface - Part 1

12m 44s

Building The Main Body Surface - Part 2

07m 36s

Adding The Features

12m 19s

Complete The Final Details - Part 1

12m 13s

Complete The Final Details - Part 2

14m 28s

Chapter: The C-Plane

World Coordinates And The C-Plane

07m 41s

Setting The View And C-Plane

07m 6s

Saving C-Planes And Mobile Construction Plane

07m 28s

Re-Map And Project To C-Plane

07m 26s

Named Position

05m 39s

Chapter: Modeling Tutorial - Bottle

Import 2D Drawings

07m 6s

Create And Edit Curves

10m 1s

Main Body Surfacing

07m 40s

Adding The Surface Detail - Part 1

08m 17s

Adding The Surface Detail - Part 2

13m 43s

Shelling The Bottle - Part 1

12m 4s

Shelling The Bottle - Part 2

10m 6s

Build The Cap

11m 3s

Chapter: 2D Prints And Options

Curve Booleans

03m 14s

Creating Hatch Drawings

05m 57s

Dimensioning A Design

06m 59s

New Shaded Options In Rhino 5 And Customize Viewport

16m 37s

Page Layout

03m 15s

Chapter: Working With Block Instances

Defining A Block

03m 11s

Redefining Blocks

04m 59s

Inserting Blocks And Exploding Them

07m 3s

Inserting External Files

03m 49s

Block Manager And Replace Block

03m 44s

Chapter: Modeling Tutorial - Desk Lamp

Build The Base

09m 5s

Build The Bracket - Part 1

08m 36s

Build The Bracket - Part 2

11m 39s

Build The Thumbscrew

08m 17s

Build The Arms

08m 15s

Build The Hood - Part 1

07m 40s

Build The Hood - Part 2

12m 27s

Import The Bulb

08m 51s

Chapter: Modeling Tutorial - Build A Car Hood And Hood Scoop

Build The Main Hood

04m 19s

Create The Scoop Hole

04m 19s

Variable Offset The Inner Scoop

04m 31s

Create The Blends

05m 1s

Analyze The Surfaces

04m 11s

Chapter: Modeling Tutorial - Candle And Holder

Build The Frame

05m 35s

Create The Candle

07m 54s

Draw The Scrollwork Curves

11m 36s

Create The Scrollwork Surfaces

08m 9s

Add The Finishing Touches

09m 47s

Chapter: Modeling Tutorial - Faucet

Setup The Base

05m 47s

Create The Taps

10m 53s

Create The Spout Shape

05m 44s

Flow Along Curve

07m 33s

Chapter: Modeling Tutorial - Ring

Cross Section Setup

04m 25s

Create The Main Ring With History

03m 31s

Draw The Pattern Curves

06m 14s

Map The Pattern To The Ring

06m 45s

Add The Details

03m 6s

Chapter: Modeling Tutorial - Boat Hull

Curve Layout

07m 54s

Analyze And Fair The Curves

07m 16s

Hull Surfacing/Analyze

05m 24s


09m 15s

Chapter: Modeling Tutorial - Power Drill

Reference Image Layout

02m 46s

Curve Layout

09m 16s

Building The Drill - Part 1

11m 6s

Building The Drill - Part 2

10m 50s

Building The Drill - Part 3

12m 29s

Building The Drill - Part 4

10m 32s

Building The Drill - Part 5

05m 9s

Chapter: Rendering Using Keyshot

Setting Up The Drill Model To Render

08m 3s

The Keyshot Interface

07m 55s

Working With Environments And Materials

08m 32s

Applying Materials

09m 55s

Applying Decals

08m 41s

Output A Rendering

08m 51s

Chapter: Conclusion

About Rob McCulloch

00m 58s