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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Rhino 5 Intro And Industries

03m 45s

Course Objectives

01m 12s

About Rob McCulloch

01m 13s

Chapter: Rhino Interface

The Main Screen

02m 55s

Working In Rhino

08m 40s

Viewports And Selecting

05m 26s


06m 29s

Object Properties Display

10m 23s

Using Help

06m 48s

Document Properties And Advanced Settings - Part 1

09m 1s

Document Properties And Advanced Settings - Part 2

10m 16s

Customizing Your Workspace

08m 2s

Chapter: Working With Objects

Moving Objects In Rhino

06m 31s

Rotating Objects In Rhino

07m 10s

Copying Objects In Rhino

09m 45s

Scaling Objects In Rhino

09m 38s

Locking Objects

06m 39s

Hiding Objects

03m 6s

Chapter: Drawing In 2D


12m 2s

Line And Polylines

08m 3s

Circles And Polygons

16m 55s


05m 26s

Freeform Curves

07m 45s

Offset Curves

07m 43s

Curve From 2 Views

07m 8s

Chapter: Editing Curves

Fillet Curves

05m 50s

Chamfer Curves

05m 0s

Blend And Match Curves

09m 11s

Split Trim Boolean Curves

07m 1s

Extend Curve

04m 56s

Joining Versus Grouping Curves

05m 54s

Chapter: Surfaces

Surface From Planar Curves

04m 41s

Extruded Curve

07m 7s

Revolve And Rail Revolve

08m 37s

1 Rail Sweep

08m 12s

2 Rail Sweep

09m 58s

Curve Network

08m 6s

Patch Command

08m 6s

Blend Surfaces

14m 37s

Pipe Command

05m 32s

Chapter: Editing Surfaces

Control Point Editing

12m 22s

Joining And Exploding

10m 19s

Trimming And Splitting

08m 35s

Fillet Edge

09m 2s


10m 27s

Trimming With Pipes

10m 8s

Chamfer And Variable Chamfer - Part 1

13m 17s

Chamfer And Variable Chamfer - Part 2

06m 15s


05m 46s

Variable Offset

04m 55s

Untrim And Remove

06m 57s

Unroll And Smash

09m 13s

Shrink Trimmed Surfaces

06m 17s

Chapter: Solids


07m 26s


05m 37s

Extrude Curve And Surfaces

09m 23s

Cap Planar Hole And Extract

10m 2s

Boss And Rib

08m 11s


08m 43s

Backface Custom Color Settings

09m 25s

Exercise: Creating And Detailing A Model

13m 52s

Chapter: Solid Editing


08m 8s


05m 52s

Edge Editing And Subdivision Selection

04m 58s

Face Editing

10m 23s


10m 46s


10m 37s

Chapter: Modelling Tutorial: Tire And Rim

Outer Rim And Tire Curves

10m 25s

Rim And Tire Outer Surfaces

02m 54s

Inner Rim Curves

10m 57s

Inner Rim Surfaces

11m 48s

Inner Rim Detail

11m 4s

Adding The Tire Tread

12m 35s

Chapter: Modelling Tutorial: Razor

Drawing The Razor Body Curves

13m 24s

Building The Razor Body

09m 4s

Cutting Out The Body

15m 19s

Adding Features To The Body

23m 43s

Adding Detail To The Grips

24m 7s

Chapter: Modelling Tutorial: Cell Phone

Importing A Sketch

07m 5s

Drawing The Cellphone Curves

19m 27s

Building The Main Body

15m 44s

Render Mesh Settings - Part 1

11m 47s

Render Mesh Settings - Part 2

03m 39s

Adding The Button Details To The Cellphone

14m 0s

Creating The LCD Screen

06m 16s

Chapter: Analyzing Your Models

Dimensioning The Razor

14m 57s

Checking For Naked Edges

10m 22s

Zebra And Environment Maps

07m 54s

Draft Analysis

07m 33s

Exporting The Model For 3D Printing

09m 56s

Chapter: Rendering

Creating And Editing Lights - Part 1

05m 46s

Creating And Editing Lights - Part 2

07m 20s

Creating And Editing Lights - Part 3

07m 48s

Creating And Editing Lights - Part 4

12m 7s

Assigning And Creating Basic Materials

17m 18s

Adding Textures And Decals - Part 1

15m 41s

Adding Textures And Decals - Part 2

10m 43s

Render Settings And Output Size

10m 19s

Exercise: Rendering The Razor

23m 11s