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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 21s

Viewing The Completed Site

01m 56s

The Workflow Process

03m 15s

Chapter: Setting Up Photoshop For Web Layout

Setting Photoshop's Preferences

03m 37s

Arranging The Workspace

06m 41s

Setting Panel Options - Part 1

05m 0s

Setting Panel Options - Part 2

05m 18s

Customizing Menus And Keyboard Shortcuts

07m 39s

Saving Photoshop's Workspace

03m 20s

Chapter: Laying The Foundation With Wireframing

Creating The Layout File

05m 33s

Setting The Layout Guides

06m 20s

Using The Layout Grid

02m 48s

Beginning The Wireframing Process

05m 38s

Continuing The Wireframe

04m 15s

Selecting Positioning And Aligning Vector Objects

06m 38s

Precisely Sizing Vector Objects

05m 15s

Additional Object Sizing

03m 17s

Precisely Positioning Objects

06m 52s

Creating Additional Wireframe Objects - Part 1

04m 10s

Creating Additional Wireframe Objects - Part 2

05m 46s

Adding The Footer And Final Adjustments

04m 51s

Organizing The Layers Panel

07m 3s

Preparing The Wireframe For Review - Part 1

07m 11s

Preparing The Wireframe For Review - Part 2

07m 9s

Exporting The Wireframe For Review

05m 52s

Chapter: Reviewing In Acrobat

Preparing The PDF For Sharing

09m 7s

Adding Sticky Note Comments

08m 27s

Working With The Comments Pane

04m 28s

Summarizing Comments

04m 19s

Chapter: Applying Design To The Wireframe

Preparing The Wireframe For Design

05m 24s

Choosing Fonts

06m 55s

Choosing Colours

06m 33s

Saving Colours In Photoshop

06m 16s

Setting The Header's Background Colour

04m 1s

Building The Logo - Part 1

07m 11s

Building The Logo - Part 2

05m 20s

Using Smart Objects Between Photoshop And Illustrator

04m 27s

Building The Menu

07m 4s

Applying A Gradient Overlay

06m 42s

Inserting Center Box Headings - Part 1

07m 10s

Inserting Center Box Headings - Part 2

04m 17s

Creating The Center Picture Boxes

04m 28s

Adding Placeholder Text

04m 44s

Building The News Container - Part 1

07m 6s

Building The News Container - Part 2

03m 55s

Creating The Calendar

03m 21s

Finding And Editing A FaceBook UI

07m 25s

Adding The FaceBook Facepile

02m 35s

Inserting A Twitter Profile Feed

02m 29s

Finishing Up The Footer

03m 4s

Chapter: Adding Photographs And Textures To The Layout

Adding A Texture Into The Header

06m 54s

Inserting A Photo For The Slideshow

04m 46s

Inserting Center Box Photography

07m 18s

Finalizing The Design Stage

02m 46s

Chapter: Converting The Photoshop Layout To HTML

Getting Started With Slicing

05m 46s

Creating Additional Layer-Based Slices

06m 41s

Subdividing Slices

05m 5s

Naming Slices

06m 30s

Preparing The Layout For Exporting

06m 56s

Setting Export Options

05m 33s

Viewing The Exported Results

03m 21s

Chapter: Moving The Layout Into Dreamweaver

Customizing The Dreamweaver Interface

04m 6s

Defining The Site In Dreamweaver

04m 2s

Opening And Touring Photoshop's HTML File

07m 46s

Removing The Whitespace Objects

04m 38s

Cleaning Up The Style Sheet

05m 15s

Centering The Layout

06m 25s

Previewing Your Work In A Browser

03m 46s

Positioning The Header

02m 35s

Positioning The Main Menu - Part 1

06m 34s

Positioning The Main Menu - Part 2

06m 19s

Removing Positioning From Layout Objects

05m 15s

Floating Layout Objects

04m 44s

Setting Vertical Spacing - Part 1

05m 54s

Setting Vertical Spacing - Part 2

02m 41s

Setting Horizontal Spacing

04m 41s

Formatting The Overall Page

07m 7s

Chapter: Streamlining The Layout In Dreamweaver

Extracting The Logo From The Photoshop Layout

05m 40s

Inserting The Logo Into Dreamweaver

04m 41s

Extracting The Center Box Background

04m 51s

Setting Center Box Backgrounds

05m 15s

Inserting Center Box Header Text

06m 21s

Creating The Center Box Picture Frames

04m 51s

Extracting And Inserting The Center Box Photos

05m 21s

Converting Inline CSS To Class Rules

06m 0s

Formatting Center Box Text

04m 37s

Exporting Internal CSS To An External Syle Sheet

07m 14s

Using Iframes To Build A Scrolling Box

06m 20s

Finishing Up The Scroll Box

02m 56s

Chapter: Building A Self-Running Slideshow In Flash

Getting Started In Flash

04m 54s

Editing Flash Content In Photoshop

04m 23s

Inserting Additional Graphics Into Flash

03m 53s

Building The First Slideshow Transition

06m 28s

Building The Remaining Slide Transitions

04m 40s

Adjusting Slideshow Playback Speed

05m 58s

Publishing The Flash Slideshow

02m 34s

Inserting The Slideshow Into Dreamweaver

02m 12s

Chapter: Adding Social Feeds & Finishing Touches

Adding FaceBook And Twitter Feeds

04m 45s

Building A Photo Gallery - Part 1

06m 50s

Building A Photo Gallery - Part 2

04m 40s

Uploading Your Completed Work

05m 6s

Wrapping Up

02m 30s