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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 14s

Building Information Modelling

01m 38s

Using The Working Files

00m 30s

Chapter: Setting Up The Interface

Welcome Screen

02m 49s

Application Menu

04m 26s


02m 48s

Quick Access Toolbar

02m 37s


04m 22s

Autodesk 360

02m 39s

Ribbon Interface

04m 35s

Options Bar

02m 36s

Properties Palette

02m 34s

Project Browser

03m 15s

Revit Filetypes

02m 6s

Drawing Area

02m 24s


03m 55s

Navigation Bar

04m 9s

Using The Mouse

01m 49s

View Control Bar

07m 25s

Status Bar

05m 11s

Chapter: Family Concepts And Techniques

Introducing Revit Families

03m 56s

Using Revit Families

04m 1s

Family Types

04m 29s

Host And Standalone Families

02m 39s

The Family Editor

03m 30s

Preparing To Create Families

02m 21s

Creating A Family

06m 20s

Chapter: Creating A Parametric Framework

Reference Planes And Lines

05m 5s

Adding Dimensions

03m 25s

Flexing Geometry

05m 24s

Creating Family Elements

04m 2s

Inserting A Family In To A Project

04m 42s

Chapter: Additional Family Tools

Aligning And Locking

04m 51s

Adding Controls

02m 12s

Adding Openings And Voids

04m 49s

Adding Lines

03m 59s

Adding Text

03m 0s

Adding Components

02m 50s

Locating Custom Family Files

03m 0s

Testing The Family In A Project

02m 59s

Chapter: Custom Families

Slabs On Composite Metal Decking - Part 1

05m 2s

Slabs On Composite Metal Decking - Part 2

05m 10s

Tapered Concrete Columns - Part 1

04m 48s

Tapered Concrete Columns - Part 2

05m 14s

Precast Hollow Core Slabs - Part 1

05m 54s

Precast Hollow Core Slabs - Part 2

04m 26s

Precast Hollow Core Slabs - Part 3

04m 40s

Precast Hollow Core Slabs - Part 4

02m 59s

Chapter: Creating Trusses

Truss Concepts And Techniques

04m 23s

Truss Families - Part 1

05m 43s

Truss Families - Part 2

03m 33s

Modifying Trusses In Structural Projects

05m 36s

Attaching A Truss To A Roof Or Slab

02m 56s

Chapter: Structural Analysis

Preparing For Structural Analysis

03m 42s

Structural Settings

02m 35s

Symbolic Representation Settings

01m 58s

Load Cases

02m 47s

Load Combinations

04m 9s

Analytical Model Settings

03m 12s

Tolerance Settings

03m 14s

Boundary Conditions Settings

01m 41s

Chapter: Viewing Analytical Models

Creating Analytical Views

04m 22s

Viewing Analytical Models

04m 6s

Load Cases And Load Combinations

03m 33s

Analytical Properties

02m 59s

Adjusting Analytical Models

02m 16s

Placing Loads

03m 25s

Boundary Conditions

06m 46s

Chapter: Collaboration On Projects

Introduction To Worksets

02m 38s

Workset Definitions

03m 25s

Creating And Opening Workset Projects

05m 20s

Saving Workset Related Files

04m 23s

Opening Workset Related Projects

06m 7s

Chapter: Working In Workset Projects

Editing Elements In Worksets

05m 27s

Permissions To Edit In Worksets

05m 46s

Relinquishing Worksets

03m 42s

Finishing A Day Using Worksets

03m 26s

Chapter: Visibility And Display Options For Worksharing

Controlling Workset Visibility

02m 58s

Worksharing Display Options

03m 19s

Chapter: Worksharing And Linked Models

Working With Linked Models

05m 17s

Chapter: Setting Up Worksets

Setting Up A Workset

05m 27s

Placing Elements In Worksets

04m 48s

Creating The Central Workset File

04m 30s

Other Workset Types

04m 20s

Chapter: Workset Best Practices

Implementing Company Policies

07m 28s

Using Worksets - Tips And Tricks

07m 34s

Creating Worksets - Tips And Tricks

06m 32s

Chapter: Close

Finishing Up

00m 39s

Chapter: Credits

About The Author

01m 16s