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Table of Contents

Chapter: Advanced Multi-Body

Getting Started With Templates And Working Files

02m 36s

Introduction To Multi-Body Modelling

05m 13s

Dividing Solid Bodies

05m 14s

Using The Intersect Tool

10m 33s

Feature Scope

08m 23s

Patterning And Moving Solid Bodies

07m 55s

Advantages And Limitations Of Multi-Bodies

04m 55s

Preferred System Settings

07m 48s

Chapter: Surfacing Primer

Why You Need Surface Modelling

05m 38s

Making A Solid From Surface Features

05m 24s

Boundary Surface In The Helmet Model

06m 36s

Getting Started On The Helmet

12m 14s

Ridges And Vents

11m 12s

Adding Side Vents

05m 37s

More Front Vents

05m 46s

Adding Ridges

08m 14s

Face Shield And Mirroring

06m 2s

Chapter: Complex Shapes And Surfacing

Interpolated Geometry

09m 49s

Controlling And Evaluating Splines

04m 15s

Making Smooth Splines

10m 52s

Creating Spark Plug Wires

12m 1s

Advanced Sketch Entities

09m 39s

Curve Features

06m 31s

Projected Curves

08m 42s

Reference Point And Equation Driven Curves

04m 37s

Intersection And Face Curves

05m 8s

Chapter: Working With Solids And Surfaces

Working Between Solids And Surfaces

10m 49s

Cut With Surface And Replace Face

06m 0s

Fill Surface To Replace A Face

03m 22s

Using the Freeform Feature

05m 13s

Using Delete Face Options

08m 11s

Chapter: Advanced Solid Features

Indent Feature

05m 49s

Using The Wrap Feature

09m 48s

Using The Flex Feature

05m 16s

Dome And Shape Features

05m 4s

Variable Radius Fillets

11m 45s

Hold Lines And Full Rounds

05m 50s

Setback Fillet

06m 38s

Constant Width And Edge Selection

08m 9s

Chapter: Master Model Techniques

Introduction To Layouts And Master Model

03m 59s

Splitting The Mouse

08m 57s

Splitting Bodies Into Parts

03m 59s

Save Bodies

03m 12s

Insert Into New Part

05m 6s

Insert Part

05m 51s

Experimenting With Intersect

08m 33s

Layouts And Assembly Sketches

04m 46s

Chapter: Advanced Mates

Width And Symmetry Mates

05m 8s

Plate Cams

09m 4s

Barrel Cam

07m 8s

Gear Mates

04m 45s

Rack And Pinion And Linear Coupler

05m 16s

Hinge And Screw Mates

03m 19s

Universal Joint Mate

02m 3s

Mate References

04m 37s

Lock, Fix, And In-Place Mates

06m 4s

Assembling Block And Crankshaft

07m 46s

Piston Sub-Assembly

08m 17s

Second Piston Assembly

03m 23s

Cylinder Head And Rocker Assembly

09m 31s

Rocker, Valve, And Gears

07m 14s

Chapter: Assembly Tools

Placing Parts Without Mates

06m 0s

Interference Detection

05m 28s

Collision Detection

03m 20s

SolidWorks AssemblyXpert and RX

06m 7s

De-Feature Parts And Assemblies

10m 1s


07m 29s

Advanced Selection Methods

04m 7s

Animation And Movies

09m 14s

Chapter: File Management

Lightweight, Hidden, Suppressed, And Resolved Files

04m 20s

Copying And Finding Referenced Documents

05m 46s

SolidWorks Explorer And References

05m 9s

Virtual Components

04m 22s

Chapter: Top Down Design

In Context Relationships

06m 33s

Creating A Mould From Layout Sketches

05m 51s

Workflow For Creating New Assemblies With In-Context Parts

06m 52s

Assembly Holes Driven By Layouts

07m 26s

Break, Lock, and Remove External Relations

06m 21s

Chapter: Advanced Assemblies

Copy With Mates

03m 52s

Assembly Features

05m 4s

Component Patterns

06m 55s

Assembly Configurations

11m 21s

Display States

03m 39s

Large Assembly Mode

08m 58s

Speedpak And Mark Or Purge Configuration Data

06m 35s

Chapter: Conclusion


02m 1s

About The Author

01m 31s