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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


00m 37s

Plotting And Publishing

01m 10s

Using The Working Files

01m 3s

The Application Menu

02m 6s

Chapter: Setting Up Your Drawing

STARTUP Variable

06m 40s

Units - Imperial

03m 45s

Units - Metric

03m 14s

Drawing Limits

03m 50s

Model Tab

02m 49s

Layout Tabs

03m 10s

Chapter: Page Setup Manager

In The Model Tab

03m 57s

In The Layout Tab

03m 34s

Modifying Page Setups

03m 57s

Renaming Layout Tabs

04m 3s

Importing Page Setups

02m 34s

Chapter: Viewports

Setting Up A Viewport

05m 0s

Polygonal Viewports

06m 55s

Clipping Viewports

04m 47s

Using Fields For Viewport Scales

04m 26s

Viewports From Objects

02m 45s

Chapter: Scaling

Viewport Scale

03m 55s

Annotation Scale

05m 8s

Annotative Scaling

03m 36s

Adding Annotative Scales

07m 4s

Chapter: Plot Styles

Using Plot Styles

03m 16s

Creating A New Plot Style

04m 55s

Color Dependent Plot Styles (.ctb)

04m 46s

Converting Plot Styles

04m 42s

Named Plot Styles (.stb)

06m 0s

Chapter: Plotting

Plot Orientation

04m 31s

Selecting The Plotter

03m 9s

Customizing Plot Sizes

04m 35s

Plot Preview

02m 18s

Plotting To DWF

04m 50s

Plotting To DWFx

03m 32s

Plotting To PDF

03m 29s

DWF Writer

01m 53s

Autodesk Design Review

04m 41s

Chapter: Publishing

Publish Dialog Box

03m 2s

Saving Sheet Lists

01m 29s

Removing And Renaming Sheets

02m 58s

Setting Up - Part 1

02m 19s

Setting Up - Part 2

01m 31s

Using Plot Stamps - Part 1

03m 14s

Using Plot Stamps - Part 2

02m 4s

Chapter: Plotting And Publishing - Best Practices

Implementing Company Policies

02m 37s

Plotting - Tips And Tricks

03m 31s

Publishing - Tips And Tricks

04m 4s

Chapter: Close

Finishing Up

01m 40s

About The Author

00m 59s