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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


00m 49s

Content Reuse

01m 59s

Using The Working Files

01m 3s

Chapter: Setting Up Simple Blocks

Layer 0 Drawings

03m 35s

Layer Management

05m 48s

The BLOCK Command

04m 11s

Base Point

04m 42s


07m 3s


05m 50s


06m 14s


02m 57s

The WBLOCK Command

05m 41s

Chapter: Block Attributes

The ATTDEF Command - Part 1

04m 28s

The ATTDEF Command - Part 2

03m 31s

The ATTDIA Variable

03m 41s

Manage Block Attributes

03m 15s

Find Block Attributes

03m 50s

Extract Block Attribute Data

06m 46s

Chapter: Enhanced Attribute Editor

Using The Editor

01m 38s

Attribute Tab

01m 19s

Text Options Tab

02m 45s

Properties Tab

02m 58s

Chapter: The BLOCK Editor

Editing From A New Block

04m 57s

Editing From An Existing Block

02m 19s

Block Authoring Palettes

03m 0s

Action Parameters

04m 3s


03m 11s

Test Block

04m 6s

Editing Blocks In Place

04m 11s

Chapter: Using Dynamic Blocks

Using Dynamic Blocks

07m 59s

Dynamic Door Block - Part 1

05m 47s

Dynamic Door Block - Part 2

05m 47s

Dynamic Basin Block - Part 1

03m 8s

Dynamic Basin Block - Part 2

04m 45s

Dynamic Valve Block

06m 51s

Chapter: Blocks - Best Practices

Implementing Company Policies

04m 6s

Tips and Tricks: Using Blocks

03m 49s

Tips and Tricks: Creating Blocks

04m 3s

Chapter: Close

Finishing Up

01m 6s

Chapter: Credits

About The Author

00m 59s