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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Welcome To Outlook On A Mac?

07m 31s

Making Use Of The Project Working Files

00m 40s

About The Author

01m 39s

Chapter: Outlook Account Setup

Adding A New Email Account To Outlook

04m 37s

Importing Settings And Mail From Other Mail Programs

02m 4s

Chapter: Email Conversations

Sending Your First Outlook Email

03m 57s

Reading And Replying To Emails

06m 36s

Forwarding Emails To Somebody Else

03m 25s

Sorting And Grouping Your Inbox

07m 10s

Managing Emails

06m 11s

Flags And Categories To Help You Manage Emails

05m 37s

Changing An Emails Priority Level

03m 31s

Formatting Within An Email

03m 52s

Draft Emails

03m 39s

Adding Signatures In Outlook

05m 48s

Managing Junk/Spam Emails

05m 35s

Chapter: Managing Your Outlook Contacts

Adding People To Your Contacts List

06m 11s

Editing And Deleting Contacts

04m 10s

Categorizing Contacts

05m 38s

Sending Emails To Your Contacts

05m 12s

Importing Contacts Into Outlook

05m 49s

Creating And Using Groups

05m 48s

Chapter: Handling Attachments

Sending A File With Your Email

05m 36s

Sending An Attachment Directly From An Application

04m 43s

Dealing With Incoming Attachments

05m 23s

Chapter: Personal Appointment Handling

Take The Outlook Calendar Tour

05m 17s

Adding Appointments

08m 0s

Editing Moving And Deleting Appointments

05m 6s

Recurring Appointments

06m 28s

Using The Category System With Appointments

05m 39s

Appointment Reminders And Email Notifications

05m 45s

Chapter: Arranging A Meeting

Creating A Meeting From Scratch

05m 9s

Turn An Existing Appointment Into A Meeting

01m 37s

Checking For Responses Given

04m 21s

Rearranging A Meeting

03m 25s

Receiving A Meeting Invitation

03m 20s

Sending Documentation To Attendees

02m 39s

Chapter: Tasks And Notes

Create An Outlook Task

03m 38s

Editing And Deleting Tasks

01m 34s

Categories Flags And Priority Ratings

04m 37s

Completing A Task

01m 57s

Recurring Tasks

03m 30s

Adding A Note

02m 57s

Editing And Deleting Notes

02m 21s

The Category System Works For Notes Too

02m 51s

Email A Note To A Friend

02m 15s

Chapter: Next Steps

Making Use Of The My Day Utility

03m 44s

Summary And Is There More?

02m 31s