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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What Is PL/SQL

04m 1s

Course Expectations

04m 18s

Chapter: An Overview Of PL/SQL

The Difference Between SQL And PL/SQL

06m 42s

Where To Access Oracle - Part 1

04m 28s

Where To Access Oracle - Part 2

05m 53s

Block Structure

07m 3s

Functions Procedures Packages

09m 45s

Data Types

07m 19s

Complex Objects

07m 12s

Variables Constants Parameters - Part 1

05m 56s

Variables Constants Parameters - Part 2

07m 30s

Flow Control

07m 35s

Errors Exceptions

07m 46s

Commenting Code

03m 46s

Chapter: Data Types In Detail


05m 6s


04m 27s

Date And Time

03m 46s

Booleans Lobs

03m 43s

Chapter: Complex Data Structures


07m 0s

Associative Array

06m 35s

Nested Tables

03m 26s


02m 50s

Arrays Of Records

04m 23s

Chapter: Programming PL/SQL


03m 26s

SQL Developer - Part 1

04m 45s

SQL Developer - Part 2

06m 27s

Chapter: A First Program

Hello World

04m 6s

Create Assign Use Variables

05m 33s

Create Procedure

05m 50s

Autonomous Transactions

07m 7s

Chapter: Flow Control

If Statements

04m 50s

Case Statements

06m 26s

Loops - Part 1

05m 20s

Loops - Part 2

07m 24s

Chapter: Functions

Functions - Part 1

07m 23s

Functions - Part 2

03m 4s

Built in Functions

09m 7s

Chapter: Exception Handling

What Are Exceptions - Part 1

06m 28s

Predefined Exceptions

04m 41s

Raising Exceptions

05m 20s

Suggestions For Exception Handling

05m 57s

User Defined Exceptions

07m 38s

Chapter: SQL In PL/SQL

Inserting In PL/SQL

07m 9s

Updates And Deletes In PL/SQL

08m 25s

Selecting Data In PL/SQL

06m 8s


05m 21s

Cursor For Loops

02m 7s

Bulk Operations

07m 51s

Chapter: Packages

Package Specifications

04m 45s

Package Bodies

03m 59s

Public And Private Globals - Part 1

06m 46s

Public And Private Globals - Part 2

03m 4s

Package Initialization

05m 0s

Forward Declarations

04m 29s

Package Cursors

03m 58s

Utl File

07m 34s


09m 23s

Chapter: Triggers

DML Triggers

08m 30s

Compound Triggers

02m 42s

Instead Of Triggers

02m 48s

Database Triggers

02m 55s

Chapter: PL/SQL Objects

Object Types

05m 55s


07m 16s


05m 47s


06m 49s


08m 25s

Chapter: Dynamic SQL

Dynamic SQL

11m 32s

DBMS SQL - Part 1

07m 15s

DBMS SQL - Part 2

04m 49s

DBMS SQL - Part 3

05m 31s

DBMS SQL - Part 4

09m 35s

NDS - Part 1

08m 12s

NDS - Part 2

13m 35s

Chapter: About The Author

About Me

03m 48s