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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What This Course Covers And What You Need

03m 0s

Biographical Information On The Author

01m 28s

Chapter: Getting Started

Downloading And Installing The JDK

02m 29s

Overview Of The JDK

02m 24s

Chapter: Writing Your First Java Program - Hello, World!

Entering The Program

04m 55s

Compiling And Running The Program

01m 33s

Correcting Errors

04m 17s

Exercise - Modifying The Hello, World! Program

02m 19s

Chapter: Java Building Blocks - Data Types And Variables

Introduction To Data Types

03m 48s

Data Types - int, double

02m 52s

Data Types Continued - string, char, And bool

02m 34s

Variable Naming Rules

03m 9s

Declaring Variables

04m 31s

Assigning Data To Variables

04m 16s

Exercise - Saying Hello To Others

05m 3s

Chapter: Introduction To Classes And Objects

Classes And Objects

04m 26s

Class Data Members

08m 53s

Creating Constructors

04m 47s

toString Method, Creating Class Objects

05m 23s

Accessor Methods

10m 5s

Exercise - A Simple Class

06m 27s

Chapter: Arithmetic Operators And Expressions

The Standard Java Arithmetic Operators

05m 40s

Arithmetic Operator Order Of Operations

04m 26s

Final Variables

04m 47s

Math Class

05m 42s

Mixing Arithmetic Data Types

03m 46s

Exercise 1 - Translating A Formula To Java Code

03m 38s

Chapter: Java Input And Output

Writing Special Characters - Newlines And Tabs

04m 19s

Formatted Output With printf

04m 53s

Using The Scanner To Input Numbers

06m 8s

Using The Scanner To Input Strings

03m 50s

Exercise - A Simple Question And Answer Program

06m 22s

Chapter: Making Decisions

Relational Operators

06m 18s

Logical Operators

04m 7s

Simple if-else Statement

06m 42s

Nested if-else Statements

07m 50s

The if-else if Statement - Part 1

05m 42s

The if-else if statement - Part 2

03m 59s

Exercise 1 - A Question And Answer Program

06m 23s

Exercise 2 - A Calculator Program

05m 5s

Chapter: Performing Repetition

The while Loop - Introduction

05m 51s

Count-controlled while Loops

06m 23s

Condition-controlled while Loops

06m 17s

Results-controlled while Loops

03m 28s

The for Loop - Part 1

05m 58s

The for loop - Part 2

04m 5s

break and continue

06m 44s

Exercise 1 - Looping q And a

03m 45s

Exercise 2 - Looping Calculator

04m 41s

Exercise 3 - for Loop Exercise

04m 59s

Chapter: Methods

Defining A Method - Part 1

08m 22s

Defining A Method - Part 2

08m 14s

Methods With Multiple Parameters

05m 31s

Predicate Methods

06m 46s

Void Methods

04m 11s

Pass By Value

03m 22s

Exercise 1 - Three Example Methods

06m 11s

Exercise 2 - Adding Methods To The Calculator Program

04m 24s

Chapter: ArrayLists

ArrayList Introduction

05m 58s

Declaring And Initializing An ArrayList

03m 28s

Adding Data To An ArrayList

02m 51s

Accessing ArrayList Elements

03m 25s

Passing ArrayLists As Method Arguments

05m 8s

Generating Random Numbers

04m 45s

Searching An ArrayList

06m 10s

Sorting An ArrayList

03m 17s

Exercise 1 - Using An ArrayList To Find Palindromes

07m 51s

Exercise 2 - Finding The Maximum Value

03m 47s

Chapter: Classes And Object-Oriented Programming

Private Data Members

06m 30s

More On Constructors

06m 0s

Displaying Class Data, toString

08m 54s

Set And Get Methods

05m 45s

Increment Method For Time Class

04m 38s

Exercise 1 - Building An Object-Oriented Calculator

05m 34s

Exercise 2 - Extending Time Class

08m 12s

Chapter: Inheritance

Introduction To Inheritance

09m 26s

Overriding Methods

06m 11s

Protected Members

05m 47s

The Object Class

04m 51s

Exercise 1 -Chapter 13

08m 33s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 13

04m 51s

Chapter: Polymorphism

Introduction To Polymorphism - Part 1

05m 45s

Introduction To Polymorphism - Part 2

02m 58s

Polymorphism Example

04m 15s

Working With Abstract Classes

05m 7s

Working With Interfaces

05m 54s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 14

05m 22s

Chapter: Arrays

Declaring An Array

04m 23s

Accessing Array Elements

05m 49s

Passing Arrays As Function Arguments

06m 23s

Two-Dimensional Arrays - Part 1

05m 3s

Two-Dimensional Arrays - Part 2

07m 59s

Exercise 1 - Using Array Elements As Counters

06m 19s

Exercise 2 - Displaying Bar Charts Using Array

04m 4s

Exercise 3 - Creating A Deck Of Playing Cards

07m 12s

Chapter: Additional Java Control Flow Constructs

The switch Statement - Part 1

08m 13s

The switch Statement - Part 2

03m 58s

The do-while Loop - Part 1

03m 41s

The do-while Loop - Part 2

03m 41s

The for-each Loop - Part 1

05m 50s

The for-each Loop - Part 2

04m 12s

Exercise 1 - Rewriting An if-else if Statement Using a switch Statement

05m 10s

Exercise 2 - Rewriting A while Loop with a do-while Loop

04m 47s

Exercise 3 - Using A for-each Loop With ArrayLists

05m 1s

Chapter: File Processing

try-catch Statement

05m 17s

Writing Data To A File

05m 41s

Reading Data From A File

04m 21s

Appending Data To A File

04m 50s

Writing Characters To A File

03m 2s

Reading Characters From A File

03m 57s

Exercise 1 - Creating A To-Do List

07m 55s

Exercise 2 - To-Do List Continued

05m 8s

Exercise 3 - To-Do List Continued

04m 13s