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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction And Project Overview


01m 34s

Using The Project Files

01m 56s

Chapter: Intro To Mudbox


06m 32s

Mouse Nav

01m 29s

Tablet Pen Nav

01m 14s

Mudbox Meshes

04m 7s

Sculpting Basics

13m 30s

Sculpt Layers

04m 35s

Painting Basics

06m 8s

More Paint Tools

07m 6s

Chapter: Using Mudbox To Sculpt The Model

Sending To Mudbox

02m 22s

Blocking Upper Body Masses

08m 36s

Blocking Arms

05m 11s

Abs And Lower Back

04m 36s

Blocking Thigh

06m 22s

Calf And Shin Blocking

06m 32s

Feet Blocking

07m 54s

Adjusting The Face

05m 53s

Refining The Chest And Deltoid

08m 8s

Refining The Back

05m 17s

Refining Upper Arm

10m 16s

Refining Forearm

08m 38s

Refining The Palm

11m 34s

Refining The Thumb

05m 36s

Refining The Back Of Hand

08m 24s

Refining The Thigh

07m 52s

Refining The Hamstrings

07m 29s

Refining The Calf And Shin

08m 17s

Refining The Gauntlets With Curves And Steady Stroke

07m 14s

Chapter: Using Mudbox To Paint The Model

Painting The Base Color

05m 45s

Adding New Paint Layers

11m 44s

Adding Color Variation

13m 38s

More Color Variation

11m 5s

Painting The Gauntlets

13m 19s

Adding Specular Highlights

06m 45s

Adding Gloss And Reflection Masks

08m 55s

Fine Tuning Materials

09m 14s

Chapter: Mudbox For The Accessories

Importing New Objects

11m 29s

Sculpting And Painting The Loin Cloth

15m 1s

Fitting The Boot

07m 50s

Sculpting The Boot

10m 16s

Painting The Boot

16m 23s

Painting The Buckle

12m 32s

Importing And Starting The Sword

11m 14s

Adding Details To The Sword

07m 50s

More Sword Details

07m 38s

Painting The Sword Grip

07m 30s

Painting The Sword Metals

11m 24s

Finishing The Sword

08m 47s

Chapter: Using Mudbox For Hair

Importing The Hair And Starting Sculpting

06m 57s

Sculpting The Hair

07m 42s

Painting The Hair

11m 33s

Finalizing The Hair

05m 57s

Chapter: The Eye

Importing And Sculpting The Eye

05m 52s

Painting The Whites Of The Eye

05m 42s

Painting The Iris

05m 43s

Painting The Rim Of The Iris

03m 9s

Extracting Normals From Eye

03m 21s

Chapter: Posing In Mudbox

Posing In Mudbox

03m 43s

Chapter: Fine Tuning

Fine Tuning The Face

09m 54s

Fine Tuning Around The Eyes

08m 44s

Fine Tuning Cheeks

07m 24s

Fine Tuning Lips

07m 42s

Adding Pores And Texture

08m 58s

Fine Tuning Eyebrows And Lips

08m 57s

Fine Tuning Hands

12m 59s

Adding Nipples And A Belly Button

05m 29s

Fine Tuning The Wrinkles

05m 40s

Adding Vascularity

08m 45s

Chapter: Sending The Mesh Back To 3ds Max

Extracting Normal Maps

06m 40s

Exporting Obj Files

02m 18s

Exporting Fbx Files

01m 46s

Using The Send To Button

01m 40s

Correcting The Boots In 3ds Max

02m 1s

Importing Obj Into Max And Applying Materials

05m 9s

Importing Fbx Objects Into Max

01m 59s

Render And Mesh Comparisons

05m 7s

Chapter: About The Author

About The Author

08m 5s