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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing The Relational Database

Course Introduction

00m 43s

What Is A Relational Database

01m 23s

The Database Hierarchy

02m 32s

Table Relations

02m 38s

The Structured Query Language

01m 25s


01m 7s

Chapter: Installing And Configuring MySQL

Introduction To MySQL

03m 21s

MySQL Features

09m 18s

Installing MySQL - Introduction

00m 35s

Downloading MySQL

01m 54s

Installing MySQL - Part 1

03m 17s

Installing MySQL - Part 2

01m 55s

Configuring MySQL

05m 19s

Setting The System Path - Part 1

01m 4s

Setting The System Path - Part 2

02m 48s

Installing MySQL On The Mac

02m 47s

The Sakila Database

01m 38s

Installing The Sakila Database

02m 32s

Chapter: Connecting To MySQL And Creating Your First Database

Introduction To MySQL Connections

00m 48s

Role Of The Root User

01m 42s

Logging In For The First Time

04m 40s

Change The Root Password

01m 26s

Creating Your First Database

06m 43s

Creating Your First User Account

04m 18s

Creating Your First Table

03m 48s

Chapter: Introducing MySQL's Data Types

Intro To Data Types

02m 53s

String Data Types - Part 1

04m 31s

String Data Types - Part 2

02m 7s

Data Attributes

02m 14s

Customers Table Revised

03m 36s

Numerical Data Types - Part 1

03m 30s

Numerical Data Types - Part 2

03m 30s

Numerical Data Attributes

02m 38s

Date And Time Types

08m 46s

Multiple Timestamp Columns In Table

04m 20s

Chapter: Primary And Foreign Keys

Primary Keys - Part 1

02m 41s

Primary Keys - Part 2

06m 27s

Creating A Primary Key

02m 42s

Foreign Key Introduction

08m 44s

Create Foreign Key

04m 23s

Chapter: Introducing phpMyAdmin, MySQL Workbench, SQLyog

Graphical MySQL Clients

04m 54s

phpMyAdmin Intro

09m 59s

MySQL Workbench Intro

02m 1s

MySQL Workbench SQL Development Intro

08m 39s

MySQL Workbench Data Modelling Intro

09m 3s

MySQL Workbench Server Administration Intro

02m 35s

SQLyog Introduction

01m 26s

SQLyog Creating A Database

05m 0s

SQLyog Navigating And Modifying Data

03m 33s

SQLyog Scheduling Backups

05m 2s

Chapter: Creating, Retrieving, Updating And Deleting Data

Performing CRUD Operations

01m 58s

Creating Data

06m 29s

Retrieving Data

05m 4s

Ordering Results

02m 28s

Filtering Results

04m 51s

Grouping Results

07m 6s

Removing Duplicate Rows

01m 31s

The LIKE Clause

03m 54s

The LIMIT Clause

03m 34s

Updating Data

05m 31s

Deleting Data

03m 3s

Chapter: Using String, Numeric, Temporal And Stored Functions

Introduction To Functions

00m 56s

String Functions

09m 55s

Numeric Functions

05m 21s

Temporal Functions - Introduction

02m 26s

Temporal Functions - Example

11m 13s

Stored Functions - Part 1

01m 18s

Stored Functions - Part 2

06m 32s

Stored Functions - Part 3

06m 18s

Chapter: Introducing Subqueries

Subqueries Intro

02m 40s


10m 18s

Chapter: Introducing SQL Joins

SQL Joins

01m 43s

The Inner Join

11m 52s

The Left Join

07m 36s

Chapter: Optimizing MySQL

Optimizing MySQL

00m 49s

Column Indexing

01m 39s

Column Indexing Explained

08m 14s

Optimizing The MySQL Configuration

07m 17s

Query Caching

01m 17s

Query Caching Explained

03m 48s

Optimizing MySQL Conclusions

00m 35s

Chapter: Importing, Exporting And Backing Up MySQL Databases

Introduction To MySQL Data Tasks

00m 53s

Exporting Data With MySQL Workbench

05m 38s

Importing Data With phpMyAdmin

02m 39s

Automatically Backing Up Your MySQL Database

01m 21s

Automating Your Backups With mysqldump And cron

09m 5s

Chapter: Managing MySQL User Privileges

Managing MySQL Privileges

00m 59s

MySQL Privilege Management Walkthrough

08m 58s

Chapter: Using PHP And MySQL

Introduction to PHP and MySQL

05m 33s

Querying Your MySQL Database With PHP

12m 50s

Chapter: About The Author

About The Author

01m 48s