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Table of Contents

Chapter: Course Introduction


02m 25s

Chapter: Python Programming Review - Part 1

Python Interpreter

05m 45s

Install On Windows

03m 7s

Installing And Using Python On The Mac

01m 46s

Data Types

08m 6s

The if Statement

05m 2s


04m 25s


05m 48s

Chapter: Python Programming Review - Part 2


04m 3s


05m 22s

Object Oriented Programming - Part 1

05m 47s

Object Oriented Programming - Part 2

04m 55s


05m 15s

Exception Handling

06m 16s

Chapter: Database Programming With Python

Installing SQLite

03m 18s

SQLite Install On Mac

01m 4s

Creating Database And Table

04m 8s

Inserting Data

02m 23s

Selecting Data

05m 24s

DB Programing Example

06m 32s

Chapter: Using Python With Internet Services

Transferring Files With FTP

10m 3s

Sending Email

05m 37s

Reading Email

04m 12s

Reading News

07m 7s

Python Email Program

07m 3s

Chapter: Web Client Programming With Python

Web Page Structure

03m 52s

Using urllib

05m 41s

Parsing HTML - Part 1

05m 5s

Parsing HTML - Part 2

03m 4s

Screen Scraper

05m 55s

Web Crawler

05m 57s

Chapter: Introduction To Web Server Programming With Python

Intro To SimpleHTTP Server

03m 40s

More With SimpleHTTP And BaseHTTPServer

04m 45s

CGI Programming - Part 1

05m 27s

CGI Programming - Part 2

04m 28s

Form Processing

06m 43s

Chapter: Web/Database Applications In Python

Database Web Programming

04m 28s

HTML Database Data

04m 10s

Input Database Data

06m 38s

Update Database Data

04m 0s

Chapter: XML Programming With Python

Writing XML File

05m 56s

Parsing XML

05m 39s

Finding XML Elements

05m 5s

Chapter: The Django Web Application Framework

Installing Django

04m 25s

Setting Up Django - Part 1

04m 6s

Setting Up Django - Part 2

03m 50s

Django API

04m 53s

Django Admin App

05m 52s

Django Views

04m 48s

Django Templates

07m 57s

Add Remove Data

01m 58s