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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What Is PHP?

04m 33s

What Is MySQL?

02m 39s

Simple PHP Program

06m 27s

The Example Web Site - King Real Estate

03m 54s

Chapter: Interface

Setting Up Your Computer For PHP And MySQL

04m 1s

Installing WAMP For Windows

07m 3s

Installing MAMP For Macintosh - Part 1

03m 57s

Installing MAMP For Macintosh - Part 2

02m 28s

Using A Hosting Service

06m 38s

Chapter: PHP Basics

Using PHP Script Tags

04m 1s

Displaying HTML To Your Browser Window

07m 47s

HTML Forms

10m 13s

Using The SELECT Tag

06m 20s

Using The TEXTAREA Tag

06m 47s


04m 9s

Using The CHECKBOX Tag

05m 36s

Assigning Values To Variables

04m 49s

Appending Text

04m 12s

Debugging Techniques - Part 1

07m 21s

Assignment 1

04m 12s

Assignment 1 - Solution

05m 49s

Chapter: PHP Programming Fundamentals

String Delimiters

07m 47s

Simple Math

05m 29s

HTML Tables

07m 53s

Using IF Statements

04m 15s

The ELSE Clause

04m 44s

Nested IFs

05m 40s

Code Formatting Rules

05m 24s

Comparison Operators - Chapter 4

08m 18s

Using AND

04m 38s

Using OR

04m 26s

Using NOT

05m 39s

Field Validations

06m 52s

Using DIVs

08m 31s

Using DIVs And Forms

03m 17s

Debugging Techniques - Part 2

10m 0s

Assignment 2

04m 39s

Assignment 2 - Solution

10m 16s

Chapter: Advanced PHP Constructs

The for Loop

07m 35s

The while Loop

09m 2s

Reading A File

08m 29s

Writing To A File

07m 44s

Displaying A Data From A File Into An HTML Table

12m 55s

Debugging Techniques - Part 3

07m 58s

Assignment 3

05m 33s

Assignment 3 - Solution

08m 56s

Chapter: Functions, Arrays, And Strings

Simple Function

02m 38s

Functions That Receives Data

03m 30s

Functions That Returns A Value

02m 28s

Functions That Receives Data And Returns A Value

06m 20s

Variable Scope

07m 19s

Functions That Returns Multiple Values

06m 49s

Using Include Files

04m 16s

Array Basics

07m 52s

Sorting Arrays

06m 14s

Loading An Array From A File

02m 10s

Loading An Array From A Directory

06m 19s

Recursive Programming

08m 57s

Finding Text

06m 47s

Finding Text With Regular Expressions

05m 11s

Finding Simple Patterns Using Regular Expressions

07m 59s

Debugging Techniques - Part 4

08m 4s

Assignment 4

05m 40s

Assignment 4 - Solution

09m 18s

Chapter: Introduction To MySQL

Introduction To SQL

09m 46s

The Example Database

06m 50s

Interactive MySQL

07m 20s

Creating Tables

08m 19s

Simple SELECT Statement

05m 38s

Comparison Operators - Chapter 7

05m 40s

Logical Operators

05m 56s

Selecting Nulls

02m 5s

Sorting Results

05m 46s

Aggregate Functions

06m 37s

Pattern Matching

05m 14s

Inserting Rows

04m 5s

Updating Table Data

05m 14s

Deleting Rows

01m 56s

SQL Debugging Techniques - Part 5

05m 38s

Assignment 5

02m 54s

Assignment 5 - Solution

03m 19s

Chapter: PHP With MySQL

Connecting To MySQL Within A PHP Program

09m 51s

Pass Data To A Select

04m 48s

Adding Rows To A Table

09m 6s

Deleting Rows From A Table

05m 11s

Updating Data In A Table

08m 51s

Populating A Select-Option List

03m 31s

Login Validation

06m 37s

Relative Referencing

04m 39s

Creating Tables With phpMyAdmin

07m 7s

Inserting Data With phpMyAdmin

07m 47s

Common Database Functions

07m 15s

Debugging Techniques - Part 6

05m 13s

Assignment 6

03m 42s

Assignment 6 - Solution - Part 1

06m 33s

Assignment 6 - Solution - Part 2

07m 49s

Chapter: PHP With Advanced MySQL

Date Functions

04m 24s

Using Indexes

06m 58s

Grouping Data

06m 59s

Having Clause

04m 45s

Joining Tables - Part 1

06m 45s

Joining Tables - Part 2

07m 27s

Joining Tables - Part 3

04m 5s

Subqueries - Part 1

08m 15s

Subqueries - Part 2

05m 24s

Assignment 7

02m 7s

Assignment 7 - Solution

04m 16s

Chapter: PHP With CSS, JavaScript And Ajax

Basic JavaScript Syntax

09m 43s

Validating A Form Field With JavaScript

08m 13s

Positioning A DIV With JavaScript

07m 49s

Parsing Multiple Values JavaScript With PHP

05m 36s

Using Simple Ajax

09m 14s

Using Ajax To Update A Form In Place

04m 57s

Using Ajax To Show SQL Results In Place

06m 44s

Using Ajax To Update The Database

05m 32s

Debugging Techniques - Part 8

09m 32s

Assignment 8

05m 18s

Assignment 8 - Solution - Part 1

07m 41s

Assignment 8 - Solution - Part 2

07m 16s

Assignment 8 - Solution - Part 3

05m 44s

Chapter: Conclusion

Server-Side Solutions

04m 29s

Security Considerations

03m 26s

Sending Email With PHP (Simple Mail Program)

05m 44s

Next Steps

05m 30s

About The Author

02m 31s