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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

03m 18s

Overview Of Android

05m 53s

Organization Of The Course

04m 36s

Promoting Android Apps

02m 25s

Chapter: Android Development System

Development System Overview

06m 18s

A Quick App Example

08m 26s

Android Developers Website

07m 13s

Android Design Guide

04m 23s

Android Developer Tools (ADT) Bundle

04m 40s

Java Programming Language

05m 5s

Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

09m 5s

Android Software Development Kit (SDK)

07m 52s

Android Development Tools (ADT)

05m 34s

Android Virtual Devices (AVD)

10m 26s

Chapter: Using The Development System To Create Your First App

Using The Development System To Create Your First App

10m 7s

Understanding The Structure And Components Of Your First App

05m 25s

Understanding And Modifying Code In Your First App - Part 1

06m 44s

Understanding And Modifying Code In Your First App - Part 2

08m 10s

Understanding And Modifying Code In Your First App - Part 3

09m 45s

Overview Of Debugging In Eclipse

05m 33s

Testing And Debugging Your First App

06m 45s

Using The Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (DDMS)

05m 5s

Running Your First App On A Real Mobile Device

03m 7s

Additional Development Resources

06m 46s

Android App Components

04m 9s

Using Android App Development Wizards And Templates

05m 57s

Using The Infinite Skills Working Files

04m 5s

Android Native Development Kit

02m 27s

Promoting Your Apps On Google Play

08m 2s

Publishing Your Apps On Google Play And Using The Developer Console

08m 16s

Chapter: App Components And APIs

App Components And APIs Overview

05m 7s


07m 16s

Creating A New Project From Existing Code

07m 55s

Adding An Activity To An Existing Project

03m 1s


03m 58s


07m 24s

Listeners And Toasts

09m 58s

Threads And Async Tasks

08m 26s

Service Concepts And Sample App Demonstration

07m 36s

Service Implementation And Code

09m 31s

Content Provider Concepts And Sample App Demonstration

07m 48s

Content Provider Classes And Objects

07m 52s

Content Provider URIs

06m 44s

Content Provider URI Matchers

04m 50s

Content Provider Cursors

04m 35s

Content Provider Methods

05m 38s

Content Provider Method Parameters

07m 43s

Content Provider Method Implementation Templates

07m 28s

Broadcast Receiver Concepts And Sample App

06m 52s

Broadcast Receiver Classes And Objects

03m 24s

Chapter: API Demos App

API Demos App Overview

05m 57s

API Demos Worksheet

08m 6s

App Development Using Demos And Samples

05m 2s

Adding Code To Your Android App - Part 1

05m 19s

Adding Code To Your Android App - Part 2

07m 29s

Chapter: App Resources

Resources Overview

03m 15s

Providing Default Resources

04m 14s

Providing Alternate Resources

04m 1s

Accessing Resources

03m 55s


03m 0s

Chapter: User Interface

User Interface Overview

03m 26s


04m 49s

Creating Layouts Using API Demos And The Graphical Layout Editor

05m 14s

Input Controls

03m 28s

Input Events

04m 1s

Options Menus

05m 15s

Popup Menus

03m 3s

Context Menus

03m 39s

Action Bars

04m 43s


06m 36s


03m 36s


04m 55s


07m 35s


05m 0s


07m 21s

Styles And Themes

06m 41s

Applying Styles And Themes To Your Apps

06m 17s

Chapter: Animation And Graphics

Animation And Graphics Overview

05m 33s

Property Animation

05m 49s

View Animation

05m 57s

Canvas Graphics

04m 45s

Chapter: Media And Camera

Media And Camera Overview

04m 8s

Media Playback

08m 8s

Camera Access

06m 30s

Chapter: Location And Sensors

Location And Sensors Overview

03m 16s

Accessing Sensors

05m 19s

Determining Locations - Part 1

06m 14s

Determining Locations - Part 2

06m 22s

Chapter: Data Storage And Database

Data Storage And Database Overview

02m 31s

Shared Preferences

04m 40s

Internal Storage

03m 52s

External Storage - Part 1

05m 12s

External Storage - Part 2

03m 21s

SQLite Database - Part 1

04m 47s

SQLite Database - Part 2

03m 2s

Chapter: Connectivity And Remote Access

Connectivity And Remote Access Overview

02m 57s

Connectivity Example Using NFC

06m 37s

Connectivity And Remote Access Documentation And Samples

05m 24s

Chapter: Web Apps And HTML5

Web Apps And HTML5 Overview

05m 38s


03m 44s


08m 19s

Chapter: Wrap-up


01m 13s

About The Instructor

01m 6s