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Table of Contents

Chapter: Key Windows Server 2012 Principles

Overview Of Windows Server And Its Evolution

05m 24s

Windows Versions And Requirements

07m 30s

Introducing Server Core

06m 23s

Introducing Configuration Levels

04m 30s

Changing Configuration Levels

08m 29s

Improvements In Multi-Server Management In Windows 2012 With Server Manager

06m 12s

Remote Management With Windows Server 2012

04m 11s

Importance Of PowerShell Across Microsoft And Partner Technologies

04m 3s

Chapter: Deploying Windows Server 2012

Deployment Introduction

01m 40s

Windows Server 2012 Installation Methods And Architecture

07m 20s

Windows Server 2012 Installation Types

09m 4s

UEFI System Considerations

04m 7s

Installing Windows Server 2012

06m 11s

Installing Windows Server 2012 With Boot To VHD

03m 20s

Post-Installation Configuration Steps

07m 39s

Network Adapter Configuration And NIC Teaming

08m 59s

Adding And Removing Roles And Features

09m 58s

Upgrading Windows Server

06m 47s

Chapter: Managing Windows Server 2012

Server Manager

08m 54s

Management Using PowerShell

07m 36s

Advanced PowerShell Topics

07m 27s

Using The Integrated Scripting Environment

06m 42s

User Access Control And Using Elevated Privileges

06m 42s

Overview Of System Center 2012

07m 22s

Chapter: Internet Protocol v4

Overview Of TCP/IP

04m 36s

The Structure Of IPv4 Address

07m 18s

Understanding Subnet Masks

07m 49s

Understanding Gateways

06m 36s

Configuring IP Addresses

07m 31s

Troubleshooting TCP/IP Connectivity

13m 3s

Chapter: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Assigning IP Addresses Using DHCP

07m 33s

Installing DHCP

04m 22s

Creating DHCP Scopes And Configuring DHCP Services

07m 35s

Using DHCP Replication In Windows Server 2012

05m 1s

Maintaining DHCP In Windows Server 2012

05m 17s

Chapter: Domain Name Services

Introduction to DNS

09m 38s

Installing DNS

03m 27s

Configuring DNS Server

07m 31s

Creating And Managing DNS Zones

08m 57s

Creating DNS Resource Records

07m 37s

Name Resolution With DNS Servers

03m 28s

Chapter: Internet Protocol v6

IPv6 Background

07m 18s

The Structure Of IPv6 Addresses

04m 4s

Co-Existence Between IPv6 And IPv4

05m 57s

Chapter: File And Print Services

Using Local Storage

06m 5s

Types Of Disks And Partitions

09m 6s

Overview Of File Systems

05m 17s

Resizing Disks

02m 41s

Understanding And Configuring Storage Spaces

08m 43s

Data Deduplication

03m 59s

Securing Data Using NTFS And Dynamic Access Control

06m 22s

Creating And Managing Shares

03m 57s

Using Shadow Copies And Enabling Previous Versions

04m 45s

Summary Of File Server Features

02m 29s

Enabling And Managing Print Services

04m 35s

Chapter: Active Directory Deployment And Management

Active Directory Overview

08m 53s

Domains, Trees, And Forests Overview

08m 13s

Creating An Active Directory Domain And Forest

07m 29s

Using Different Types Of Domain Controllers

08m 45s

Domain Trust Types

05m 3s

Active Directory Tool Overview

06m 25s

Leveraging Organizational Units

04m 58s

Managing Users, Groups, And Computers

12m 28s

Active Directory Upgrade Considerations

03m 56s

Automating Active Directory Tasks And Performing Bulk Actions

08m 36s

Chapter: Using Group Policy

Structure Of GPOs

04m 47s

Group Policy Tools

04m 16s

Editing GPOs

11m 44s

Creating And Linking GPOs

07m 34s

Exporting And Importing GPOs

02m 50s

Using Resultant Sets Of Policy Capabilities

04m 40s

Chapter: Hyper-V

Understanding Virtualization

07m 26s

Installing Hyper-V Roles

07m 17s

Creating Virtual Networks And Virtual Switches

07m 26s

Creating And Configuring Virtual Machine Storage: VHD, VHDx And Pass-Through Storage

07m 49s

Creating A Virtual Machine

06m 33s

Configuring Virtual Machine Processor And Memory Resources

10m 9s

Using Snapshots

03m 36s

Using Virtual Fibre Channel

02m 31s

Enabling Guest Integration Services

04m 39s

Monitoring Virtual Machine Resource Usage

05m 20s

Virtual Machine Mobility Using Live Migration, Live Storage Move, And Other Advanced Features

04m 34s

Chapter: Summary

Closing Thoughts

02m 28s

About The Author

01m 22s