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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What You Should Expect

02m 18s

What You Should Know

04m 49s

What You Will Learn

04m 4s

System Requirements

02m 34s

Chapter: Getting Organized

Ethical Hacking

04m 5s

Dradis Framework

02m 47s

Using Notes With Dradis

03m 48s

Importing Data With Dradis

03m 43s

Installing Plugins In Google Chrome

05m 4s

Installing Plugins In Mozilla Firefox

04m 42s

Raspberry PI

03m 6s

SSH Forwarding

05m 40s

Chapter: Scanning

Refresher On NMAP

02m 46s

Scan Types

03m 20s

Stealth Scanning

04m 1s

Application Scans Using AMAP

03m 28s

Web Testing With NMAP

04m 28s

Scanning And Scripting With NMAP And UDP

03m 58s

Scanning With Hping

03m 2s

Payload-Based Scanning With Unicorn Scan

02m 44s

TCP Scanning With Unicorn Scan

04m 10s

Chapter: Data Acquisition

Using Wappalyzer

03m 14s

Using Passive Recon

04m 55s

Using Firebug

05m 38s

Using Groundspeed

05m 22s

Converting With Hackbar

02m 40s

Managing Cookies

04m 35s

Chapter: Metasploit

Starting Up Metasploit

02m 40s

Scanning With Metasploit

02m 59s

Service Scanning With Metasploit

04m 58s

SMB Scanning With Metasploit

06m 23s

Importing Nessus Results

05m 15s

Creating Payloads

05m 36s

Creating Standalone Exploits

03m 18s

Encoding And Packing

04m 16s

Writing Fuzzers Using Metasploit

06m 44s


03m 55s

Using Meterpreter

03m 8s


02m 52s


04m 20s

Manipulating Windows API

04m 6s

Client Side Attacks

06m 32s

Social Engineering Toolkit

02m 25s

Spear Phishing

03m 32s

Web Attacks

03m 16s

Automating Metasploit

03m 22s

SQL Server Logins

04m 52s

Token Stealing

02m 51s

Extending Metasploit

05m 12s

Chapter: Web Testing

Running Burp Suite

02m 15s

Passive Scanning

04m 34s

Active Scanning

04m 53s

Using The Intruder

02m 41s

Brute Forcing Passwords

03m 33s

SQL Injection Testing With Burp Suite

05m 59s

Cross Site Scripting With Burp Suite

04m 57s

Using The Burp Suite Repeater

03m 7s

Using The Burp Suite Sequencer

04m 31s


04m 13s

SQL-Inject Me

03m 51s


03m 39s

Injection Attacks With TamperData

04m 5s

Hidden Form Fields

03m 9s

ZED Attack Proxy

04m 9s

Fuzzing With ZED Attack Proxy

03m 36s


02m 32s

Chapter: Reverse Engineering

Assembly Basics

04m 48s

Buffer Overflows

04m 37s

Format String Attacks

03m 24s

Debugging - Linux

04m 43s

Chapter: Fuzzing

Peach Fuzzer

02m 28s

HTTP Fuzzing With Peach

04m 55s

E-Mail Fuzzing With Peach

05m 8s

File And Network Fuzzing With Peach

03m 32s


04m 44s

Spike Proxy

02m 52s

Chapter: Wrapping Up

Extending Your Learning

04m 5s

Chapter: About The Author

About Ric Messier

03m 0s