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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What Is Unity And Who Uses It?

02m 4s

What You Should Expect From This Video Series

02m 19s

3D Modelling And Image Editing In This Series

01m 58s

Chapter: Using The Interface

Creating A New Unity Project

02m 48s

Layouts, Panes And Tabs

06m 35s


04m 59s


03m 0s


03m 25s


03m 49s


04m 56s


05m 7s

Chapter: Manipulating Objects


04m 10s


03m 49s


07m 37s


03m 35s


05m 23s


07m 38s

Chapter: Importing And Exporting Assets

Types Of Assets - Part 1

06m 52s

Types Of Assets - Part 2

06m 0s

Importing 3D Models

11m 10s

Importing Audio

07m 35s

Importing Textures - Part 1

11m 21s

Importing Textures - Part 2

10m 10s

Importing Scripts

03m 50s

Asset Packages

09m 14s

Chapter: Setting The Scene

Adding Components To A Game Object

04m 53s

Realistic Terrain

06m 52s

The Scene Border

08m 7s

Catch All Zone - Part 1

04m 38s

Catch All Zone - Part 2

09m 25s

Catch All Zone - Part 3

04m 18s

Catch All Zone - Part 4

06m 17s

Chapter: Physics

Rigid Bodies And Colliders - Part 1

09m 55s

Rigid Bodies And Colliders - Part 2

07m 52s

Physics Material

04m 50s

Cloth - Part 1

06m 54s

Cloth - Part 2

05m 57s

Rag Doll

03m 13s

Chapter: Combining Assets

Texture Atlases

07m 20s


06m 49s

3D Modelling Programs

06m 55s


07m 31s

Chapter: Populating The Scene

Adding Meshes

07m 42s

Marking Meshes As Static

06m 36s

Chapter: Behaviour Scripting

Languages - Part 1

08m 13s

Languages - Part 2

05m 1s

Languages - Part 3

05m 14s

Game Objects

05m 44s

Procedural Object Instantiation - Part 1

05m 10s

Procedural Object Instantiation - Part 2

09m 10s

Pickup And Scoring - Part 1

08m 16s

Pickup And Scoring - Part 2

07m 42s

Pickup And Scoring - Part 3

05m 52s

Pickup And Scoring - Part 4

07m 46s

Chapter: Culling

Camera Culling

04m 27s

Distance Culling

08m 19s

Occlusion Culling

04m 58s

Chapter: Animation

Procedural Animation

06m 11s

Unity Animation

04m 14s

Procedural Character Animation - Part 1

07m 16s

Procedural Character Animation - Part 2

08m 31s

Procedural Character Animation - Part 3

06m 47s

Mecanim Character Animation - Part 1

06m 57s

Mecanim Character Animation - Part 2

05m 12s

Mecanim Character Animation - Part 3

04m 2s

Mecanim Character Animation - Part 4

05m 54s

Chapter: Let There Be Light

Render Settings Ambient Light

06m 3s

Sun And Moon Directional Light

05m 15s

Point Light And Local Illumination

03m 43s

Fixing Lighting Bugs

02m 24s

Spot Light - Part 1

10m 57s

Spot Light - Part 2

08m 12s

Emissive Material

04m 8s

Baking The Light Map

11m 18s

Chapter: GUI

Unity GUI - Part 1

08m 45s

Unity GUI - Part 2

07m 43s

Third Party GUI

02m 22s

GUI Directions

03m 24s

Chapter: Final Touches

Cross Platform Settings

02m 57s

Resolution And Presentation

05m 30s

Game Icon

07m 0s

Game Splash Image

03m 19s

Other Settings

03m 30s

Building Standalone Apps For Mac, Windows, And Linux

05m 2s

Chapter: About The Author

About Robert Weibe

03m 4s