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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting In Touch With The Windows 8 Interface

What You Will Learn

04m 55s

How To Use The Working Files

02m 10s

First Things First

07m 4s

More Than Just A Lock Screen

03m 6s

Logging On To Windows 8

02m 12s

Exploring The Start Screen

06m 48s

Manipulating Windows 8 Screens

07m 26s

Changing Tile Sizes On The Start Screen

02m 16s

Deleting And Adding Tiles On The Start Screen

03m 42s

Controlling Live Tiles

03m 17s

Rearranging And Grouping Tiles On The Start Screen

05m 32s

Accessing And Using Charms

04m 23s

Searching For Apps Settings And Files

06m 42s

Accessing The Traditional Desktop

03m 10s

Using The Desktop Taskbar

02m 27s

Multitasking Windows 8 Style

09m 31s

Calling It Quits

05m 57s

Chapter: Making Windows 8 Our Own

Personalizing The Lock Screen

05m 9s

Personalizing The Start Screen

03m 24s

Pinning Programs To The Task Bar

03m 40s

Creating Desktop Shortcuts

04m 0s

Working With Jump Lists

06m 51s

Modifying Date, Time, And Clocks

05m 39s

Accessing The Secret System Menu

01m 53s

Optimizing Power Plans

07m 1s

Changing Screen Resolution

05m 26s

Chapter: Managing Files And Folders

Exploring File Explorer

08m 8s

Configuring Libraries

10m 45s

Modifying Folder Properties

06m 51s

Creating File And Folder Shortcuts

05m 40s

Modifying User Folder Locations

05m 6s

Sharing Files From File Explorer

02m 41s

Burning Files To CDs And DVDs

03m 15s

Using Easy Access Options

03m 13s

Managing The Recycle Bin

06m 38s

Chapter: Using Windows 8 Apps

Using Windows 8 Apps

11m 26s

Listening With The Music App

07m 55s

Working With The Photo App

05m 54s

Viewing With The Video App

03m 37s

Chapter: Enjoying Multimedia

Exploring The Media Player Interface

05m 49s

Ripping CDs To Digital

06m 3s

Creating And Burning Playlists

06m 48s

Sharing Media With Media Player

08m 33s

Chapter: Reaching Out With Windows Apps

Connecting To Others With The People App

07m 58s

Linking Social Sites To The People App

05m 18s

Using The Windows 8 Messaging App

07m 49s

Getting Oriented To The Mail App

06m 56s

Sending E-Mail Messages With The Mail App

05m 49s

Getting Organized With The Calendar App

07m 33s

Chapter: Enhancing Our Experience With The Windows Store

Discovering The Windows Store

04m 22s

Searching The Store And Finding Free Apps

04m 17s

Exploring The App Listing Page

04m 24s

Installing Apps From The Windows Store

03m 20s

Keeping Windows 8 Store Apps Updated

02m 58s

Chapter: Connecting To Networks And The Internet

Accessing The Network And Sharing Center

03m 41s

Designating A Computer And Workgroup Name

05m 15s

Connecting To A Wireless Network

05m 45s

Changing A Network Profile

02m 42s

The Two Faces Of Internet Explorer 10 - Part 1

04m 30s

The Two Faces Of Internet Explorer 10 - Part 2

08m 15s

Chapter: Keeping Windows 8 And Data Secure

Adding A Picture To User Accounts

03m 24s

Changing User Account Types

05m 48s

Changing User Account Passwords

02m 24s

Creating A Picture Password

05m 30s

Creating A PIN For Accessing User Accounts

02m 6s

Bypassing Or Enhancing The Logon Process

05m 15s

Adding And Deleting User Accounts

06m 40s

Chapter: Sharing Data And Resources

Creating A Homegroup

03m 28s

Joining And Leaving A Homegroup

03m 12s

Identifying And Changing The Homegroup Password

04m 17s

Accessing Homegroup Resources

03m 38s

Sharing Drives Folders And Files

05m 10s

Sharing Printers

05m 9s

Chapter: Keeping Families Safe

Enabling Family Safety Features For User Accounts

05m 17s

Restricting Access To Websites, The Store, Games, And Apps

10m 12s

Setting Time Limits On Computer Use

04m 47s

Reviewing Activity Reports For Family Safety

05m 15s

Chapter: Easing Use Of Your Computer

Getting To Know Ease Of Access Options

07m 5s

Getting Closer With The Magnifier

02m 44s

Listening With The Narrator

03m 52s

Enabling And Training Speech Recognition

08m 24s

Chapter: Maintaining Windows 8

Associating File Extensions With Applications

06m 15s

Checking What Is Running With Task Manager

09m 29s

Managing Start-Up Programs

03m 36s

Running Programs As An Administrator

05m 46s

The Control Panel Revisited Windows 8 Style

07m 0s

Adding And Removing Windows Features

03m 7s

Defragmenting The Hard Drive

04m 33s

Enabling And Configuring Windows Firewall

07m 16s

Using Windows Defender

06m 15s

Reviewing The Action Center

04m 34s

Synchronizing Windows 8 Settings Between Devices

05m 8s

Enabling Reviewing, Restoring, And Using File History

07m 43s

Troubleshooting, Refreshing, And Resetting Windows 8

13m 1s

Chapter: About The Author

About The Author

08m 26s