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Table of Contents

Chapter: Understanding PowerPoint

What You Will Learn

03m 10s

Using The Working Files

02m 2s

What Is The Point Of PowerPoint

06m 40s

Making Really Bad PowerPoint Presentations

10m 55s

Navigating Through PowerPoint

12m 7s

Understanding PowerPoint Views

12m 15s

Chapter: Getting Right To It

Making A Photo Album

08m 3s

Getting A Jump Start Using Templates

04m 24s

Creating Presentations In Two Steps

05m 8s

Running A Basic Slide Show

05m 32s

Chapter: Starting Presentations From Scratch

Creating A New Blank Presentation

02m 47s

Setting Slide Size

07m 49s

Adding Text To Slides

03m 30s

Adding, Duplicating And Deleting Slides

08m 23s

Reusing Slides

06m 48s

Changing And Resetting Slide Layout

06m 45s

Adding Online Pictures To Placeholders

03m 38s

Chapter: Customizing PowerPoint Design

Understanding Masters

06m 2s

Selecting A Theme

04m 51s

Using Theme Variants

04m 57s

Modifying Masters And Layouts

08m 19s

Working With Multiple Masters

11m 34s

Modifying Backgrounds

06m 28s

Adding Layouts

09m 5s

Saving And Accessing Personal Templates

10m 8s

Chapter: Using Outlines In PowerPoint

Importing Outlines - Part 1

05m 32s

Importing Outlines - Part 2

02m 27s

Working In The Outline Pane - Part 1

05m 25s

Working In The Outline Pane - Part 2

04m 33s

Exporting Outlines To Word

03m 45s

Chapter: Working With Text

Working With Text On Slides

11m 13s

Formatting Paragraphs And Fonts

08m 38s

Working With Headers And Footers

05m 24s

Getting Fancy With WordArt

04m 18s

Chapter: Working With Objects

Selecting Objects On Slides

06m 21s

Moving, Sizing And Rotating Objects - Part 1

08m 5s

Moving, Sizing And Rotating Objects - Part 2

04m 37s

Aligning And Distributing Objects

06m 49s

Enabling Gridlines And Guides

05m 59s

Layering Objects

03m 49s

Making Work Easier With The Selection Pane

06m 36s

Grouping Objects

09m 15s

Chapter: PowerPoint Drawing Tools And Shapes

Creating Shapes

08m 55s

Working With Flowchart Shapes

08m 39s

Formatting Shapes

10m 5s

Adding Text To Shapes

04m 13s

Merging Shapes

09m 59s

Using Save As Picture

03m 57s

Chapter: Enhancing With Images

Inserting Your Own Images

08m 41s

Finding Images Online

08m 2s

Capturing Screenshots

03m 12s

Using Picture Tools - Part 1

09m 18s

Using Picture Tools - Part 2

05m 55s

Chapter: Communicating Clearly With SmartArt

Inserting A SmartArt Graphic

05m 34s

Adding Descriptive Text To SmartArt

05m 32s

Adjusting SmartArt Design And Formatting - Part 1

07m 39s

Adjusting SmartArt Design And Formatting - Part 2

07m 44s

Chapter: Using Tables To Organize Information

Creating Tables

06m 22s

Formatting Tables

06m 3s

Using Excel Spreadsheets In PowerPoint

10m 51s

Chapter: Simplifying Data With Charts

Creating New Charts

09m 43s

Creating Charts From Existing Excel Data

05m 14s

Formatting Charts

05m 30s

Chapter: Using Multimedia In Presentations

Adding Online Audio And Your Own Files

05m 40s

Recording Narration

03m 53s

Modifying Playback Options

07m 55s

Bringing Presentations To Life With Video

07m 8s

Customizing Video Properties

05m 53s

Ensuring Multimedia Works

05m 45s

Chapter: Organizing Complex Presentations

Inserting And Working With Sections

09m 34s

Arranging And Hiding Slides

08m 56s

Adding Hyperlinks - Part 1

06m 1s

Adding Hyperlinks - Part 2

05m 46s

Chapter: Polishing Presentations With Animation And Transitions

Adding Slide Transitions

07m 4s

Adding Built In Animations

07m 29s

Creating Motion Paths

03m 52s

Using The Animation Pane

07m 58s

Controlling Animation Execution

06m 27s

Chapter: Sharing Presentations With Others

Finalizing Files For Distribution

10m 13s

Sharing Presentations

07m 53s

Printing Presentations And Creating Handouts

09m 50s

Packaging Presentations For CD

05m 39s

Creating Videos

05m 6s

Saving To Alternate File Types

04m 39s

Chapter: Presenting PowerPoint Positively

Enhancing Presentation Skills With Notes

06m 59s

Creating Custom Shows

04m 18s

Setting Up Slide Shows

07m 59s

Making Masterful Presentations

08m 55s

Presenting Slide Shows Online

04m 43s

Chapter: Wrap-Up

PowerPoint 2013 Closing Comments

03m 6s

Chapter: About The Author

About The Author

07m 22s