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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction To Microsoft Windows Server 70-412

03m 11s

Chapter: Advanced Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol - DHCP

Review Of DHCP

05m 30s

Creating Advanced DHCP Configurations And Superscopes

04m 17s

Implementing DHCP For IPv6

07m 50s

Configuring DHCP Name Protection

02m 56s

Making DHCP Highly Available

09m 27s

Chapter: Advanced Domain Name Services Configuration

Review Of DNS

05m 47s

Enabling DNS Security With DNSSec

08m 2s

Delegating DNS Management

02m 29s

Advanced DNS Configuration - Netmask Ordering, Recursion And GlobalNames Zone

08m 30s

Troubleshooting DNS

04m 33s

Chapter: Using Internet Protocol Address Management - IPAM

Introduction To IPAM

04m 43s

Installing And Deploying IPAM

05m 33s

Managing IP Blocks And Ranges

04m 43s

Monitoring IP Configuration Using IPAM

04m 54s

Delegating IPAM Management

04m 19s

Chapter: Advanced Active Directory Capabilities

Active Directory Architecture Review - Part 1

12m 20s

Active Directory Architecture Review - Part 2

11m 34s

Advanced Domain And Forest Architecture Options

05m 44s

Operating With Previous Versions Of Active Directory And Upgrading

08m 27s

Using User Principal Name Suffixes

02m 39s

Configuring Trust Relationships

06m 15s

Understanding SID Filtering

03m 56s

Advanced Site And Subnet Configuration In Your Environment

09m 46s

Advanced Active Directory And SYSVOL Replication

06m 0s

Chapter: Using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)

ADFS And How It Works

08m 36s

Installing ADFS

05m 29s

Configuring And Using ADFS

02m 56s

Chapter: Active Directory Certificate Services - ADCS

Overview Of Public Key Infrastructure - Part 1

06m 17s

Overview Of Public Key Infrastructure - Part 2

11m 59s

Installing ADCS

03m 20s

Configuring Enterprise Certificate Authority

04m 22s

Enabling ADCS Services

03m 49s

Backing Up And Restoring ADCS

06m 45s

Creating ADCS Certificates

03m 52s

Deploying Certificates With Group Policy

02m 19s

Chapter: Active Directory Rights Management Services - ADRMS

Ways To Protect Data

05m 5s

Installing And Deploying RMS

05m 48s

Using RMS Templates

04m 21s

Configuring RMS Protection On Data

03m 13s

Enabling External Access To RMS

03m 55s

Chapter: Dynamic Access Control

Review Of Data Access Capabilities Using NTFS

04m 57s

Introduction To Dynamic Access Control - DAC

04m 54s

Installing And Configuring DAC

05m 9s

Deploying DAC Policies To File Servers

05m 10s

Classifying Data With File Classification Infrastructure - FCI

05m 40s

Denied Access Assistance

01m 51s

Chapter: Advanced File Services

Types Of File Services Available In Windows Server 2012

10m 19s

Installing And Using NFS

03m 52s

Installing And Configuring iSCSI

04m 3s

Advanced SMB 3.0 Features

08m 49s

Managing Windows Server Footprint With Features On Demand

04m 9s

Installing BranchCache

06m 55s

Using BranchCache With Windows 7 And Windows 8 Clients

02m 15s

Chapter: Providing Service High Availability

Types Of High Availability For Services

05m 50s

How Network Load Balancing Works

01m 33s

Installing NLB

01m 58s

Configuring NLB

07m 59s

Introduction To Failover Clustering

05m 54s

Types Of Quorum With Failover Cluster

06m 2s

Installing Failover Clustering

02m 6s

Configuring Failover Clustering

08m 59s

Administering Failover Clustering

15m 20s

Multi-Site Failover Clustering Considerations

03m 48s

Chapter: Virtualization High Availability

Overview Of Virtualization - HA Considerations

06m 11s

Failover Clustering With Hyper-V

07m 42s

Implementing Live Migration

13m 31s

Using Hyper-V Migration Technologies

04m 27s

Using Hyper-V Replica

10m 55s

Importing And Exporting Virtual Machines

03m 49s

Migrating From Other Virtualization Platforms

04m 11s

Network Considerations For HA Virtualization Environments

04m 20s

Chapter: Disaster Recovery Planning And Processes

Types Of Failure And Disaster

19m 31s

Installing Windows Server Backup

01m 28s

Configuring Windows Server Backup

05m 22s

Restoring Backups For The OS And Data

01m 54s

Performing Server Recovery

02m 34s

Using System Restore Snapshots

02m 1s

Data Protection Manager

04m 50s

Chapter: Closing Thoughts

Wrapping Up Windows Server 70-412

01m 19s

Chapter: About the Author

About John Savill

02m 47s