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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

What You Will Learn

09m 24s

What You Need To Know

07m 7s

What Is JavaScript?

08m 56s

What Is HTML5?

05m 45s

Web Browsers

07m 22s

JavaScript Development Tools

04m 37s

Chapter: Browser Scripting Basics

What Is Programming?

07m 7s

How To Add Scripts To Your Page

05m 46s

When Does JavaScript Run?

04m 53s


03m 18s

When Not To Use JavaScript

02m 12s

Chapter: JavaScript Essentials

Number Types

04m 56s

String Types

03m 9s

Boolean Types And Comparison

04m 54s

Type Juggling

03m 26s

What's With The Semicolons?

02m 3s


04m 9s

Browser Output

06m 31s


02m 21s

Error Handling

07m 56s


05m 1s

Chapter: Program Flow

Statements And Keywords

02m 18s

Conditions And Code Blocks

06m 11s


04m 18s

For Loops

04m 56s

While Loops

04m 25s

Chapter: Functions

What Are Functions?

08m 56s

Function Arguments And Returns

06m 31s

Variable Scope

03m 25s

Chapter: Arrays

What Are Arrays?

04m 34s

Adding And Removing Array Items

04m 53s

Other Array Methods

06m 28s

Array Sorting

06m 51s

Array Sorting Solution

01m 51s

Chapter: Objects

What Is Object Orientated Programming?

07m 13s

Simple Objects And Literals

11m 50s

Object Constructors

04m 44s

Prototypal Inheritance

09m 41s

Chapter: Advanced Operators

Math Functions

05m 26s

String Functions

09m 4s

Regular Expressions

12m 5s

Bitwise Operators

03m 49s

Date And Time Functions

06m 43s

Date And Time Arithmetic

03m 51s

Chapter: Advanced Development Techniques

Anonymous Self-Executing Functions

05m 23s


02m 10s

The Module Pattern

06m 39s

Optional Arguments

07m 10s


02m 23s

Passing Functions

02m 47s

Chapter: An Introduction To Browser APIs

What Is A Browser API?

05m 38s

Why Browser Sniffing Stinks

04m 16s

The Window Object

08m 25s

The Location Object

03m 28s

Chapter: The Document Object Model

An Introduction To The DOM

03m 15s

Selecting Elements

07m 11s

Node Navigation

11m 55s

Dynamic Styling

05m 35s

Changing Element Content

03m 41s

Adding And Cloning Elements

10m 44s

Removing Elements

04m 36s

Chapter: Event Handling

An Introduction To Browser Events

05m 45s

Defining Events And Handlers

06m 52s

The Event Object

02m 42s

Event Propagation

07m 7s

Chapter: Form Handling

Form Events

05m 10s

Client-Side Validation

10m 5s

Custom Controls

07m 10s

Chapter: Timers And Animation

How Animation Works

03m 13s

Timer Functions

03m 38s

HTML5 requestAnimationFrame

01m 50s

Chapter: Ajax

An Introduction To Ajax

05m 29s

Web Services And Data Formats

06m 24s

Using XMLHttpRequest

14m 50s

Script Insertion Techniques

06m 40s

Chapter: HTML5 APIs

Audio And Video

10m 12s


08m 31s


07m 55s


02m 59s

File Handling

06m 35s

Web Workers

06m 18s

Chapter: Persistence And Storage


11m 53s

Local Storage

05m 48s

Working Offline

06m 34s

Managing Page History

09m 21s

Chapter: Advanced JavaScript Debugging


09m 6s

The Webkit Inspector

08m 10s

Opera Dragonfly

05m 40s

IE Developer Tools

06m 47s

Chapter: Further Resources

JavaScript Libraries

09m 46s

Shims, Shivs And Polyfills

09m 34s

Online Resources

03m 33s

Chapter: About The Author

Learn About Me

02m 14s