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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Introduction - Chapter 1

01m 23s

About Andy

02m 58s

Using The Working Files

02m 26s

Andys Top Ten

07m 36s

Chapter: The First Step

Introduction - Chapter 2

00m 49s

Setting Up A Temporary Catalog

01m 37s

Working With Preferences

10m 28s

Adjusting Catalog Settings

04m 41s

Creating Customized Identity Plates

02m 29s

Editing Watermarks

02m 33s

Chapter: Getting Ready To Work

Introduction - Chapter 3

00m 38s

General Lightroom Workflow

08m 35s

The Lightroom 5 Interface

05m 34s

Modifying The Lightroom Working Area

04m 42s

Chapter: Catalogs And Basic Imports And Exports

Introduction - Chapter 4

01m 10s

Lightroom 5 Basic File Formats

04m 23s

Creating A Catalog

03m 29s

Exporting A Catalog

05m 59s

Performing A Regular Backup

03m 6s

Importing Files From A Camera Card

05m 59s

Saving Lightroom Import Setting

02m 21s

Using A Watched Folder

03m 22s

Chapter: Capturing With Tethering

Introduction - Chapter 5

00m 39s

Setting Up Lightroom For Tethering

03m 26s

Tethering In Lightroom

03m 43s

Andys Tethering Workaround

04m 37s

Chapter: Working In The Library Module

Introduction - Chapter 6

00m 52s

Viewing Lightroom Images

06m 52s

Using Grid Overlays

04m 10s

Working With The Grid And Loupe Views

03m 40s

Customizing Grids And Guides

02m 24s

Working In Compare And Survey Modes

05m 18s

Creating And Managing Smart Previews

07m 19s

Filtering Tips For Smart Previews

02m 59s

Chapter: Working In The Catalog With Raw And DNG Images

Introduction - Chapter 7

00m 39s

Setting Up A Lightroom Catalog

05m 23s

Options For Exporting Catalogs

05m 24s

Working With Raw Images

05m 22s

Converting Images Into The DNG Format

08m 10s

Chapter: Manipulating Images In The Library

Introduction - Chapter 8

00m 33s

Working In Quick Develop

10m 2s

Reusing Quick Develop Settings

03m 57s

Using Quick Develop On Multiple Images

02m 44s

Chapter: Organization Is The Key

Introduction - Chapter 9

00m 38s

Identifying Images With Flags, Tags, And Ratings

07m 8s

Tagging For Organization

07m 9s

Tagging Power Tricks

05m 24s

Working With Quick Collections

03m 53s

Creating Smart Collections

03m 58s

Generating Collection Sets And Targeted Collections

04m 39s

Adding Images To A Manual Collection

02m 44s

Sorting Through Your Images

02m 20s

Organizing Images Into Stacks

04m 21s

Chapter: Working With Lightroom Metadata

Introduction - Chapter 10

00m 35s

Introduction To Keywords

06m 51s

Working With Keyword Sets

05m 26s

Creating Hierarchical Keyword Lists

08m 15s

Working With Image Metadata

02m 58s

Copying Keywords With Painter

01m 41s

Chapter: Finding What You Need Quickly

Introduction - Chapter 11

00m 44s

Creating An Attribute Search

05m 49s

Reapplying Filter Criteria

03m 12s

Filtering Using Text

04m 35s

Searching With Metadata

04m 30s

Creating A Filter Preset

02m 31s

Chapter: Working In The Map Module

Introduction - Chapter 12

00m 51s

Working With Geo-Coded Images

08m 2s

Adding Non-Geo-Coded Images To The Map Module

07m 50s

Adding Custom Locations To The Map

05m 37s

Geo-Coding With Larger Digital Cameras

06m 21s

Moving Between The Library And Map Module

04m 41s

Saving Map Images Into A Collection

02m 57s

Chapter: Exporting And Publishing From The Library

Introduction - Chapter 13

00m 43s

Performing An Export To JPEG

12m 39s

Generating Export Presets

05m 47s

Exporting Video Files

04m 29s

Using Lightroom Publishing Services

04m 26s

Organizing Publishing Services

04m 22s

Adding Comments

03m 26s

Chapter: Introduction To The Develop Module

Introduction - Chapter 14

00m 52s

Understanding The Develop Module

06m 49s

Using And Creating Presets

04m 15s

Working With Snapshots And History

05m 36s

Chapter: Working With Basic Tools In The Develop Module

Introduction - Chapter 15

00m 44s

Importing Legacy Images Into Lightroom

06m 45s

Workflow Is The Key To Efficiency

04m 18s

Adjusting Image White Balance

09m 27s

Manipulating Image Dynamic Range

07m 52s

Working With Clarity, Vibrance, And Saturation

04m 53s

Chapter: Develop Module Adjustments

Introduction - Chapter 16

00m 46s

Getting Set Up

02m 43s

Working With The Clone And Healing Tools

10m 19s

Removing Pesky Red Eye

03m 20s

Using The Graduated Filter

05m 6s

Making Adjustments With The Radial Filter

02m 41s

Working With The Adjustment Brush

07m 9s

Using Tone Curve To Adjust Tone And Color

06m 1s

Working With HLS And Color Adjustments

03m 46s

Converting Images Into Black And White

06m 56s

Chapter: Additional Develop Module Features

Introduction - Chapter 17

00m 46s

Loading The Chapter Files

02m 52s

Workflow And Split Toning

07m 9s

Reducing Noise In A Digital Image

05m 3s

Sharpening An Image

05m 36s

Working With Lens Correction

08m 8s

Using Lightroom Effects

03m 15s

Understanding Camera Calibration

04m 59s

Chapter: The Book Module

Introduction - Chapter 18

01m 24s

Setting Up To Produce A Book

05m 7s

Book Module Overview

10m 7s

Adding Text And Page Numbers

06m 1s

Generating Favorite Page Layouts

04m 2s

Creating Custom Page Layouts

03m 10s

Saving And Publishing A Book

05m 2s

Chapter: Working In The Slideshow Module

Introduction - Chapter 19

00m 56s

Getting Started With Cropping And Straightening

08m 18s

Revisiting The Clone, Healing, And Basic Tools

09m 11s

Using The Upright Tool

03m 14s

Working In The Slideshow Module

09m 34s

Adding Audio To A Slideshow

02m 57s

Adding Video To A Slideshow

04m 43s

Creating Slideshow Templates

02m 40s

Publishing Your Slideshow

02m 56s

Chapter: Working In The Print Module

Introduction - Chapter 20

00m 43s

Generating A Soft Proof

07m 38s

Correcting Out-Of-Gamut Colors

03m 42s

An Overview Of The Print Module

08m 20s

Generating Print Templates

07m 50s

Creating Contact Sheets

03m 53s

Producing The Final Print

04m 32s

Chapter: The Web Module

Introduction - Chapter 21

00m 39s

Setting Up A Collection For Web

02m 36s

Web Templates And Online Options

03m 14s

Controlling Images With Saved Galleries

02m 14s

Generating A Web Gallery And Saving A Template

09m 45s

Outputting Web Pages From Lightroom

04m 1s

Wrapping Up Lightroom 5

01m 43s